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PM’s statement:

‘Broad coalition needed for election victory’

We had already decided to establish the Democratic National Front before the end of August this year. Our sole endeavour and hope is to win the forthcoming Presidential election through a UNP led coalition and thereafter establish a strong government which will steer the country on the victory path. Let us all join hands to prod this path and transform Sri Lanka into a bright and developed country in the world, Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe said in a special statement issued yesterday.

The statement said: “In 2014 we joined hands in the interests of the country.

 A number of parties and organisations joined a coalition in this manner to re-establish democracy, strengthen communal reconciliation, rebuild the economy which was in shambles and establish good governance. We took the developments in the country during the past period into consideration. The instability caused in the country due to the Constitutional conspiracy gained our special attention. All these made us to think of the need to establish a more wide and stable coalition.

The statement said this matter was discussed at length with political parties and organisations aimed at safeguarding and rebuilding the country.

“Accordingly, we decided to establish a wide organisation named the Democratic National Front aimed creating a new country and society and get it registered as a political organisation.”

All these decisions are taken democratically after discussions with all parties and groups.

“During the final round of discussions held after deciding a date to launch the Democratic National Front new ides and views cropped up and we realised the importance of taking them into consideration.

As such we thought that more time should be taken to finalise the Democratic National Front Document. We have decided to establish the Democratic National Front before the end of August.

“Setting up of the Democratic National Front would create the opportunity to work in coalition and co-operation with a large number of political parties and organisations. But it would create any influence in the day to day working and activities of each party. No damage would also be caused to the internal process of parties. The Front is formed in a manner that will protect the identity and independence of parties concerned.

“We would formulate a series of national policies for the Democratic National Front. Our future plans would be formulated on the basis of that series of national policies.

“Anyone having an understanding about current political tendencies and developments would agree that no party could win a Presidential election single handed. As such they devoted all their time and energies towards building a wide political coalition which takes us to victory. The Prime Minister said he and the leaders of other parties would never abandon this objective.

Their sole endeavour and hope is to win the forthcoming Presidential election through a UNP led coalition”.

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