Nearly 2,000 students quit courses in two years | Daily News
Emotional, physical abuse at state universities

Nearly 2,000 students quit courses in two years

Recent reports from state universities have shown that around 1,989 undergraduates have discontinued their courses and left their universities during the past two years due to emotional and physical abuse, including sexual assault.

Furthermore, it had also been reported that around 16 undergraduates had committed suicide over incidents of sexual harassment.

Students who could afford it, would get admitted to private universities; however, students who come from low-income families and rural areas would be deprived of their rights to pursue higher education, Kurunegala District Senior Education Director W.M. Balasooriya said.

He was speaking at a meeting of school heads of the Kurunegala District, held yesterday at the Bingiriya Youth Training Centre in Kurunegala. 


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