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Acoustic Saturday rocks Colombo

An exclusive assortment of upcoming rock bands rocked the ex servicemen’s club, Colombo on June 30 to entertain all rock enthusiasts who gathered to watch the striking event with a loads of music and sound. ‘’Acoustic Saturday ‘’ organised by the Suriya brothers , brought a number of best upcoming bands to provide a platform to showcase their talents on stage, and in front of an audience. This time , ‘’Acoustic Saturday ‘’ took a different turn , using traditional Sri Lankan music , which blended extremely well with rock music.

Earlier , the concert was postponed due to the 21/4 Easter attacks , but eventually it was decided to be held towards the end of June. Another concept which could be seen at the event was ,apart from normal rock concerts was to create a story telling atmosphere where each band revealed a story going parallel with the music . Each band , after their performance mentions the reason and the story which compelled the musicians to release the song. Compared with most concerts , it was a different experience altogether. The event was sponsored exclusively by Yes FM , Music TV and Decibel lk. There were 6 bands present , namely Bambaroo , Afterized,Genetic Fallacy, The notion and Trisha. Their talent almost reached the international level , with their superb performance and song compositions.

The first band to open up the show was Bambaroo, rocking all the way from Kandy . They opened up the show with ‘’Minissu’’ which had an important message to convey, asking people to give priority to their intelligence rather than going behind false concepts. Their next song was about social media and its impact towards the society, and how people are fooled by social media. They had two Sinhala songs which were composed by themselves and one English song. It was interesting to see how they included the traditional Sri Lankan ‘’Getabera’’ in their music , adding more flavor to the rhythm and tune. Towards the end of their session , they entertained the crowd a lovely jamming session with distortion, which is an identical component in all rock concerts.

‘’Afterized’’ an extreme metal band from Negombo came up next , coming ‘’unplugged ‘’ for the first time. They started several years back and this was the first time that they came into mainstream , to play in front of a genuine metal audience. It was interesting to note behind each of their songs there was an important message given, whereas they came up with Creeds ‘’My sacrifice’’, with a Reggae tune added, and also ‘’Manusatha’’ which expressed the current situation of the Sri Lankan society and also the world we live in. In between the songs they made it a point to talk about the situation in Sri Lanka and how the country is going towards the ‘’wrong path’’. These types of concepts highlights rock as a genre which is not limited for one theme but , talks about different subjects such as war , poverty , peace , traits of the society and humanity.

‘’Jaadiyata Moodiya’’ had some interesting stuff to play including their own songs and an acoustic version of HIM’S ‘’Wicked Game’’.

The upcoming local bands also did cover versions of Creed and Pearl Jam. These type of concerts not only keep metal music alive but also make people come together and mix with like minded people who share the same interests and mindsets. ‘’Genetic Fallacy’’ another metal band kept the crowd grooving with a song from System of a Down and creating the perfect metal crazy atmosphere ranging from head bangs to mosh pits. They also played a superb cover version of ‘’Smells like teen spirit’’ by Nirvana, ‘’Art of pandemonium ‘’ about a soldier in a battle field and his thoughts while he’s on the battlefield. It was an amazing performance , pure heavy metal combined with acoustic.On major request , they also did a cover version of ‘’ Cannibal’’ by System of a down ‘’.

‘’Trisha ‘’ which performed next was a progressive metal band which came from Colombo who produced some amazing music and they too had important messages to convey such as not giving up hope when things go wrong , titled ‘’Second chances’’ .

‘’The Notion ‘’ an local alternative rock band , did the closing up for the day with some exclusive hits from the 90’s and took the audience by storm by their performance . Their selection of cover versions were amazing from classical ballads to metal wonders, and their final performance ‘’Zombie’’ by the Cranberries was able to keep the audience enjoying to their hearts content , catering exactly according to their choice . Keeping the audience spellbound from the time it began, ‘’ Acoustic Saturday ‘’ ended thus on a successful note , doing justice to the hard work done by the Suriya Brothers and creating a platform for upcoming local bands to shine and perform. The event also indicated that Sri Lanka has indeed got talent , and given the chance to perform ,and given the proper recognition , there is a possibility of taking Sri Lankan metal music to the international level , like what key metal bands such as Stigmata and Paranoid Earthling are doing at the moment . The concert was an indication of a chance of another Bruce Springsteen or a Kirk Hammet coming up from the enthusiastic Sri Lankan Youth, who are willing to show what they are capable of in music. 

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