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Former first-class cricketer Priyantha Weragoda confident of its success

Spin yorker bowling - a new invention

Priyantha Weragoda
Priyantha Weragoda

The yorker delivery is generally associated with fast bowlers and one which has been perfected by bowlers in the caliber of Sri Lanka’s Lalith Malinga.

But have you heard of a spinner bowling a yorker?

That is what former Sri Lanka ‘A’ team and first-class cricketer Priyantha Weragoda has invented.

With hours and hours of practice he has perfected a new delivery for spinners called the “Spin Yorker”. He is in the process of putting the final touches to it and within two months he is hoping to put out a video on his new invention.

“I am currently working with two boys teaching them how to deliver the spin yorker. Within a few months I hope to put out the video on it. It will contain the grip, the run up, the delivery position, delivery and follow through,” said Weragoda who is confident that bowler’s who can perfect it will be able to surprise the batsmen and get wickets.

“A yorker is a difficult ball to negotiate and a spin bowler bowling a yorker is a rarity. When a fast bowler is about to bowl a yorker you can spot it from his run up but with a spin bowler from the runner up till the delivery position you cannot notice what delivery he is going to bowl.

“From the run up the bowler will be holding the ball cross seam and the batsman sees it as a spinner’s delivery.

For the spin bowler’s yorker the arm rotation will be faster. It will look like a fast bowler’s action from the front but the batsman won’t notice it. The ball will come down at great speed especially when you hold it cross seam,” explained Weragoda.

This new delivery Weragoda claims is his own invention.

“I played for Sri Lanka ‘A’ and a lot of first-class club cricket as well. I thought of inventing a new delivery and kept on practicing it for several hours until I had perfected it. I took down a lot of notes on this delivery on how to perfect it, the grip, the delivery position, etc. It took me about a year to perfect it. It is something that I found out, like a doctor finds a cure for a disease,” Weragoda said.

A left-arm spinner Weragoda took 765 wickets in Sara trophy cricket, 103 of them in 26 first-class matches. He holds the bowling record of taking five wickets for no runs (12-12-0-5).

He is currently a district coach attached to Sri Lanka Cricket with 20 years of coaching experience.

“It is obvious that conventional of bowling is not the way forward. Spinners should be able to perform new variations,” said 51-year-old Weragoda.

“Muralitharan after bowling off-spin for so many years perfected the ‘doosra’. I would like to introduce a new variation ball for spinners and show it to the cricket world. I strongly believe this variation will benefit bowlers all over the world,” he said. 

Spin yorker bowling

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