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Boy dies entangled in swing

A 11-year-old boy in the Telippalai area in Jaffna died yesterday afternoon after being choked by the ropes of a swing that he himself had made.

The father of the victim was building a new house in the Telippalai area and the child had made a swing by fixing a rope on two steel bars used for the construction, according to local sources. He had been seen swinging in it since morning.

Later, when the construction crew had retired for their lunch break, the child’s mother, having prepared lunch, had gone in search of the child as he had not yet returned as expected.

After seeing the child entangled in the swing, she had hurriedly taken him to the Telippalai government hospital with the help of neighbours. As the child was found to be alive, the hospital staff had soon transferred him to the Jaffna Teaching hospital. The child had succumbed to his injuries while receiving treatment.

The victim has been identified as Shivapalan Achchudan. The Chunnakkam Police are investigating.


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