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People should choose development-driven govt. - PM

The country cannot be developed by chanting political slogans on TV and rousing racial tensions. The people of this country should decide if they need a development driven government which could attract investment or one that is limited to talk only, said Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe yesterday.

The Prime Minister was speaking at the distribution of 1200 land deeds to landless families in Anuradhapura public esplanade yesterday . After winning the confidence of the world in our genuine efforts to get rid of indebtedness and on the correct path of leading and ushering the country towards, prosperity, Wickremesinghe reiterated.

He said the previous government hoodwinked the people that they were engaged in massive development process.

This was done through the media especially the television channels.

“The difference of our government is that we don’t gain undue, unwarranted and cheap publicity through the media,” he said.

The Prime Minister noted that the Opposition could not develop the country by criticizing the government on television, adding that the development carried out by the previous government over ten years, has been accomplished by the current government in two years.

He added that the previous government went for an election after having realized that they were unable to settle the loans obtained from foreign countries and agencies.

“People empowered us at the 2015 Presidential election and we worked hard finding ways and means to get relieved of the burden of international indebtedness,” he said.

The Prime Minister said political opponents attacked the government following the Easter Sunday tragedy that the government would not last long and never succeed in achieving peace and reconciliation again.

“The law enforcement agencies including the armed forces succeeded in apprehending all culprits involved in the attack within a very short period”, he said.

Prime Minister Wickremesinghe further said, “We have not absconded from our responsibilities and we have faced all challenges before us. Some governments make promises and dream of various things, but there are only a handful of governments in the world that could deliver on their promises.

“The current government is one of these courageous governments. We have faced much criticism, but faced all challenges and overcame these challenges,” the Prime Minister said.


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