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US President  Donald Trump
US President Donald Trump

First Trump said that Americans came from all continents, in colours white, black and brown but now united. However that changed under the criticism of women of all colours. Now Trump tells these courageous progressive lawmakers -- all women of colours to “go back” to the countries they came from. It's just the latest blatantly racist statement from a president who called African nations “distant countries,” described Mexicans as “dirty and murderers,” and said there were “good people on both sides” of a Nazi rally. At a time when an outright racist autocrat occupies the most powerful office in the world, our relentless analysis and commentary is more vital than ever. Positive dreams refuse to sugar coat racism and majoritism. We all ways call a lie, an untrue and racism is fascistic.

World has changed and the effect of democratic revolution has established feminism, at least in most of developed countries. However Donald Trump makes us realise that enemies of democracy exist and powerful even in those so-called developed countries.

Positively, five females who confront Donald’s chauvinism have got much sympathy even in US. The days that we raised the question, “do the domestic share of work and particularly cooking” is over; that is granted. That should at least sober down and calm all. Violence is not only about physical attacks or injuring another person, but also emotion and feelings that, one often cannot control. Of course one cannot be talking all the time about cooking and calming themselves down. But it is only an example in that direction.

Equal rights for women

There are feminist men who believe ‘women are simply better than men. Not only women are capable of hard decisions but they are ready for heavy responsibility. On the other hand, more sensitive, sympathetic and less subject to vices of egoism and self pride. For these male feminists, it was not simply an appreciation of their partners, but they affirm in the process of advocating equal rights for women to vote and acquire political representation. These original feminists advocated those during the French Revolution, almost hundred and fifty years ago. To appreciate what they talked about as gentle qualities of women, how those are acquired or determined, and how possibly men also could acquire those qualities in the future let us spent some time!

It does not appear that gender differences are strictly physical determinants. Even the Buddha has condemned the male chauvinism that claim less ability of women, on thinking and working. He allowed women to enter priesthood and search and understand life and universe. On the other hand there are women like men and vice versa. There can be relative determinants giving identical probabilities making the difference. How one can bear children, that one cannot do etc. and etc. are with probability determinants. Both nature and nurture play complimentary roles. I may not be qualified to talk about natural or genetic factors too much. But as a politician my assumption is that ‘social factors, to mean nurture and socialization, could influence genetic formations’.

Why do I bother about these matters at this violent situation in Lanka? Not curiosity alone; it is one reason. As a samsamajist interest of mine is also about how to deal with or find solutions to violence in society. I am sure you agree.

Of course women cannot be considered completely free from hate, anger and violence. They as naturally trained to be mothers, at least manage to control their violent tendencies by nature. Men without such natural tendency but oriented to hunt and defend territory, not only fail to do so, but indulge in violence as rather a ‘professional training’ preoccupation. Unfortunately domestic violence is a typical example. One reason is their perception as male domination come by physical superiority. Naturally therefore, they tend to compete and fight with their male counterparts and also incidentally suppressing women folk. While women hold community bond with children, men assume control of land; also they become traditional inheritors of wealth and money. Social competition and fighting come logically from those sources.

In the present day society, politics and power are the major reasons for fighting and violence, naturally inherited by men in society than women.

Violence in society

Perhaps all these were rooted in the division of labour between men and women at least 100,000 years ago. While men went defending territory and hunting, killing animals for food, women were in charge of children, elders and sick people confined to home area gathering food from living surroundings caves and mud huts. Obviously I could not refer to whether all of them were monogamous or polygamous.

In the community living what is important is to understand that this division of labour between men and women also was about in a strange manner division of labour between violence and nonviolence. Some say that there is an apparent correlation between animal killing and human killing and violence in society. Even in those primitive societies, human killings originated not just because they were competing or fighting for limited terrain (today of controversial homeland), but also because they were in some circumstances used to killing and eating flesh of ‘the other.’

That long history is good enough to create certain genetic characteristics in human. Their bodies and mind that could sustain violence from generation to generation particularly among men; women not completely excluded. Some scientist say one way of ameliorating the situation is to give more prominence for women in decision making, in politics, at home, business and public life. At least giving them the fair share (50 percent) might do a lot of good for the human society than at present!

The genetic conditioning or perhaps an inherent nature of violence particularly in men does not mean that it cannot be changed. Nature and nurture are interconnected and interrelated factors. A first step in unraveling the problem is to understand its existence.

In the past several decades, or even before, there have been various social (science) theories in explaining violence. Some of these theories unfortunately are more of justifications than solutions to violence. Let us change it.


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