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A unique combination of colour and perspective

Nisansala Rajpaksa in a joint exhibition with Raja Segar
Segar and Nisansala
Segar and Nisansala

Segar, a renowned artist and Nisansala, a younger artist on the Sri Lankan art scene, will be holding a joint exhibition at the Lionel Wendt from August 3 to 4, 2019. Segar is a familiar name to most in Sri Lanka and has exhibited widely around the world.

Nisansala has been making a quiet, but noteworthy entrance to the Sri Lankan art scene in the last decade as a new, and highly talented artist. Nisansala has studied at the California State University at San Jose, qualifying with a bachelor’s in fine arts and also holdsa master’s from the University of Kalaniya in Buddhist studies. This combination of life experience in the East and the West has become the hallmark of Nisansala’s work.

At the exhibition, her paintings focus on “our things,” those everyday items that possess a unique and timeless beauty by being objects of our daily lives. A bowl of local fruit merge gently into the background, its fruit exuding a quiet presence that does not boldly display either colour or shape. Its presence is no different to how we would leave a bowl of watermelon, king coconut, wood apple and local berries (ugurasaa and lovi) in our home. The everyday is also magnificent in its spontaneity. A white vase of flowers stand against a white wall, lush and heaving with flowers. The flowers draw us to them with their presence: nature brought indoors, has overshadowed the world around it.

Nisansala’s paintings are not only limited to things. They also capture the wider world, but once again focusing on everyday moments that we have got accustomed too. So accustomed, that we rarely see these things and moments afresh or for the value they bring to our lives. Figures of three seated Buddhist monks with their backs turned to the viewer face an abstraction – possibly the world, or faith or spirituality. Looking at them, we, as the viewer, question our own presence in the world and what we face when we look to the future or the next day. The painting titled, political turmoil is an abstract whirl of chaos, but hidden within it is specks of light.

To look at Nisansala’s paintings is to see the world anew and also ask ourselves questions about the lives we lead and the meanings we give to our daily existence. She has exhibited her paintings the US and Sri Lanka and they are held in collections in US, Germany, Japan, Australia and in the personal collection of Padmanabadasa Uttarananda Maharaja of Travancore, India. This is a recognition of the work and an endorsement for the unique style she has been developing using the Sri Lankan experience and Eastern and Western artistic conventions. A unique combination of colour and perspective form the backdrop to this artist’s work. For art collectors this is a good opportunity to invest in a painting by a Sri Lankan artist, whose unique voice will continue to be heard in the years to come for the sanity it brings to a world in chaos.

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