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Moves like a squid, looks like a rocket

The visibly astonishing creature named the Marrus orthocanna constitutes a recently discovered species of a pelagic siphonophore. Amazingly, while it is a rather fascinating colonial creature, it actually arises from a single fertilized egg.

The protozoan that develops from this also later buds to form the other members of the colony which are thus genetically identical. Creatures like this remarkable one remain rare, to our knowledge. Each blurs the boundaries between individual and colonial organisms. Marrus orthocanna Physical Description

The unbelievable Marrus orthocanna represents a colonial creature formed from an intricate combination of zooids, some of which are medusae while others are polyps. An elongated stem links together all individuals.

In the front is a pneumatophore which contains an orange colored gas, useful for buoyancy.

At the rear of the Marrus orthocanna appears the nectosome. In fact, these rather bell-shaped medusae provide locomotion by contracting and expelling water.

The rest of the sections are collectively the siphosome. Those polyps and medusae, also specializing in collecting food, digestion, and reproduction are all within this section. Individuals can attain lengths of as much as 10 ft (3 m).

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