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Dehiwala Zoo food shortage allegations:

Ruse to rake in money from public - Assistant Director

Dehiwala National Zoological Gardens Assistant Director Dinushika Manawadu denied the allegations that there has been a shortage of food for zoo animals following the Easter Sunday bomb attacks.

She said it was a ruse adopted by certain individuals who wished to launch a racket to collect donations that would be provided to the zoo.

She warned people not to fall prey to these individuals trying to rake in money from the public for their personal use. The Assistant Director said the Zoological Gardens had more than enough funds for the provision of food to animals.

Zoo Director-General Dhammika Malsingha said that at the beginning of each year, the authorities at the zoo compiled a detailed report about food supplies after calling tenders from prospective suppliers.

Thereafter, they registered a long list of tenders to ensure an uninterrupted supply of animal food to the zoo.

The animals are being provided food under the supervision of university specialists, nutritionists, and veterinarians. Certain animals require continuous food supplies, while others required food at various intervals.

When the zoo authorities were acting with dedication to ensure regular food supplies to zoo animals, it was unjust for such individuals to indulge in such rackets, she said.


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