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Wickramarachchi Hearing Care launches digital hearing aids

Chairman Mihira Wickramarachchi at a launch of a new hearing aid
Chairman Mihira Wickramarachchi at a launch of a new hearing aid

Wickramarachchi Hearing Care has launched a renowned and reliable range of digital hearing aids with high performance technology at their outlets. The globally used hearing care equipment are designed to provide an outstanding listening experience.

“The hearing aids recognize and automatically adapt to our listening situations better than ever before. This level of technology has nine automatic programs that seamlessly blend together to provide the best hearing possible,” said Founder and Chairman, Wickramarachchi Hearing Care Mihira Wickramarachchi.

“Some of the main features of these hearing aids are that they give great listening comfort in the presence of echo, they also reduce broadband noise in the car to create a stable listening environment for easy communication. They also have a zoom in feature which could focus on a single voice in a diffuse noisy environment, hence, improving speech intelligibility.”

“These new and improved hearing aids have a direct connection to any mobile phone, hence, made for any phone.

These hearing aids would also permit users to experience stereo streaming audio from any Bluetooth enabled device on mobile phones, computers and even some modern TVs.”

“The new hearing aids delivers true hands-free calling in stereo. The phone calls would be heard in both ears, giving a better chance at understanding what is being said. The phone could be up to thirty feet away and with simply hitting the button on the hearing aid, the call could be answered.”

“The hearing aids include all the latest features including the much-celebrated ear to ear features.

They also have a new sound management system which recognizes and automatically adapts to precisely match more listening situations than ever before. These range of digital hearing aids are even available in discreet custom made models that are made from high-tech material titanium and are strong, light and durable.


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