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Youth play pivotal role in country’s progress - PM

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe said yesterday that the government hopes to seek the ideas of the country’s youth in order to tailor policies that reflect their aspirations for the country’s development.

Prime Minister Wickremesinghe addressing the gathering at the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Awards presentation at Temple Trees yesterday, said that youth have great expectations about their future today. We want to create confidence among the youth to achieve social and economic reforms. Their views and ideas should be utilized for the formation of policies on economic, social and other key areas in the country.

“In 2015, our one of the main goals was achieving reconciliation. Now that is being achieved among all the communities. The National Youth Services Council (NYSC) obtains the views of the youth to take the country forward. Now, the time has come again to seek the views and ideas of the youth for the country’s development. It is not only our ideas that are valid. We should also listen and consider the ideas of the youth. We should have an open mind and be able to rectify our mistakes,” he added.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award has been successfully implemented as an international youth development programme in Sri Lanka during the last 39 years by the NYSC’s National Youth Awards Division.The main aim of this programme is to facilitate youth to spend their leisure time in a meaningful way by engaging in volunteer services, skills development, physical recreation and adventurous journeys to achieve the gold, silver and bronze awards respectively.

National Youth Services Council Chairman and Director General Eranda Weliange also spoke.

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