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‘Unless independent commission probes Easter bombings’:

Won’t meet any Presidential candidate - Cardinal

Spiritual head of the Sri Lankan Roman Catholic Church, Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith told news media yesterday that he would not meet any Presidential candidate unless and until an independent and transparent commission was appointed to probe the Easter Sunday bombings and the complete truth behind it was divulged to the people.

Addressing a news conference convened at the Archbishop’s House in Colombo yesterday, the Cardinal stressed that the incident should not be swept under the carpet the way previous governments had done

Denying any personal affiliation to any political party, the Cardinal claimed that he was dedicated to ensuring justice to the innocent and helpless people.

He pointed out that three months had now lapsed since the Easter bombings that had caused grief throughout the country and brought the economy to the brink of an abyss.

All those affected by this tragedy had spurned money or any other compensation and asked him only to ensure that the truth behind this cruel bomb attack be divulged to them instead, the Cardinal said.

He said those connected to this terrorist attack, those who conspired and organised it, and those who wilfully ignored intelligence reports, people who had been arrested and released without investigation and, those who influenced the attack, were all walking free today.

No one in the government or Opposition or any other political party had performed their responsibilities in this connection.Instead what they had been doing was aiming to score points. What ought to be done was for the President, Prime Minister and all others to get-together and take steps to investigate the background for this whole incident. But what they had been doing so far was to suppress the truth by dividing themselves into parties and groups.

Cardinal Ranjith said no action had been taken so far to appoint an independent commission to investigate this incident and bring those responsible under the law. The commissions appointed so far do not show any independence or transparency, he claimed.

The church leader argued that, before talk about any elections, what should be done was to conduct a proper and true investigation into this tragic incident. Such incidents should not be swept under the carpet as done by previous governments.

Cardinal Ranjith said the fund to assist persons affected by the bomb attacks set up by him had received nearly Rs. 400 million in donations.

He said he discussed this problem with Pope Francis too when he last had an audience with him. Pope Francis had extended funding on two occasions. He is unaware as to whether any politicians had made complaints against him to Pope Francis. Such things were akin to the acts of montessori kids.However Pope Francis assured that he would always stand by him, Cardinal Ranjith said.


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