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Branding, value addition and innovation for exporters forum on August 7

Sri Lanka as a developing country, has moved away from traditional exports including commodities, in view of the need for the country to diversify the Export basket of Products and Services, to keep abreast of the competition from peer countries in the Asian Region.

In this context, although value addition to raw materials and intermediate products, innovation and differentiation of products and services to distinguish them from those of competitors and the development and promotion of Sri Lankan brands of products and services to establish an image and a unique identity to ensure customer loyalty, the work carried out and the results achieved by Sri Lankan Export Oriented Enterprises, are inadequate for the future sustainability in the export market.

Value addition to raw materials and intermediate products through the use of appropriate technology and processing techniques, enables export oriented enterprises in business development, increase profitability for sustainability. It also enables the creation of additional employment opportunities and also economic benefits to the country through enhanced foreign exchange earnings.

Innovation and differentiation of products and services through research and development activities and other creative means, enables the exploitation of specific market segments and niche markets.

Branding of Sri Lankan products and services through Sri Lanka registered brands, enables the establishment of image and unique identity as well as customer loyalty to beat the competition for business development.

Incentives and assistance offered by relevant government agencies, such as the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the Sri Lanka Institute of Nano Technology (SLINTEC), does not appear to be adequately utilized by Sri Lankan entrepreneurs and exporters. In this regard, the NCE has entered into a collaborative agreement with SLINTEC, with a view to assist member exporters.

In order to create an awareness among member exporters of the Chamber, as well as others and to guide them in their future activities, the NCE would conduct an important forum on the above vital aspects for the development of exports.

The forum would be conducted on the August 7 at the Marino Beach Hotel in Colpetty, Colombo 3. The Forum will be addressed by the following 3 prominent personalities who are professionals in the three subject areas.

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