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Pizza Hut introduces WING IT

Pizza Hut introduces succulent chicken wings smothered in four lip-smacking sauces, tossed and baked to absolute perfection! These enticing flavours include spicy Sriracha, flavoursome PeriPeri, creamy Garlic Parmesan and Pizza Hut’s most popular BBQ sauce, giving customers a variety of options to choose from to explore and enjoy!

Yasa Nadaraja, CEO of Gamma Pizzakraft Lanka (Pvt) Ltd stated, “It is always an exciting moment for us at Pizza Hut to introduce new products for our loyal customers. Chicken wings under therange WING it, are firstlytossed with any one of the four sauces and then baked to tantalize your taste buds. WING ITis in step with our commitment to keep innovating and delivering new ideas which stay in par with customer requirements.”

Sharmila Arasaratnam, Director Marketing of Gamma Pizzakraft Lanka (Pvt) Ltd added, “WING IT is a wonderful extension to our current offerings and it is a must-have at anyget-together be it with family or friends!Pizza Hut’s baked chicken wings under WING ITcome in three different size servings.


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