Readers must understand and remember the words “lifespan” and “healthspan”. Lifespan is the length of time that you live and healthspan is the length of time that you are healthy.

Your lifespan can be shorter or longer than your healthspan. It will be shorter if you suffer an accident; it can be longer but during that period of time you will undergo suffering and pain because your healthspan has expired.

On the other hand, you can increase your healthspan; the result is a bonus – a longer lifespan and when your time comes, you pass on peacefully and contentedly– without pain, suffering, indignity, bankruptcy and without leaving your loved ones destitute.

Increasing your healthspan is just a matter of being informed, being of aware and making practical choices.

Humans have the most developed brain amongst animals. We can reason out, deduct, invent; other animals cannot – at least not to the same extent. We can make choices in anything and everything – but other animals cannot do so to the same extent. We can conceptualize a spiritual world and take action for an improved life but animals cannot. Disregarding the changes that have occurred in human life during evolution up to now, there is a fundamental capability in which animals are superior to humans; that is their ability to recognize – and keep away from – disagreeable foods.

An illustration will be useful here. I know of a pet dog, a furry dachshund, a pedigreed one with a history of inbreeding, trained to eat only vegetables, fruits and dry pet food. He loved apples. They were a treat for him. One day he was given a slice from a large, beautifully grown apple with an unblemished skin. He sniffed it several times, looked at his owner, maybe accusingly, and walked away. This happened for several days until he could not resist the temptation of the daily offering and took a small bite. He spat it out immediately and walked away – never to look at those apples again. He reverted to apples, but only to the smaller green varieties. That set us thinking why the dog behaved so and then it dawned on us that the big apple was a genetically modified variety. On checking up at the supermarket, it was confirmed so.

What was the lesson from the pet? Do not eat what you are not familiar with, what might be harmful to you, even if it is given to you by someone you trust who assures its safety.

We humans cannot sense with the nose as the dog did; but we can deduce with our minds. Why do the majority of us do not do that? Is it due to ignorance, carelessness, plain stupidity?

We can learn; we can take care; we can be intelligent. Still, why do we give in to the cravings of our tongue, palate and tastebuds? Why do we risk our good health? Is it for the very same reasons mentioned above, plus weakness of character and irresponsibility towards family? Why can’t we behave as humans? It is a conundrum; a riddle wrapped in a puzzle wrapped in an enigma.

What follows is not medical advice. It is information on the latest scientific and medical research, most of which overturn many of our long-standing beliefs about foods, chemicals and drugs and how our bodies react to them. Those who want to or can accept them might verify the science for themselves and make their choices and not allow anyone to change them without justification.


Wheat is not genetically modified, BUT, wheat is sprayed with glyphosate formulations before harvest. This called desiccation, promoted by Monsanto by telling farmers that desiccation improves the yield and makes it easier to machine harvest. There is some truth in that, but more importantly, the idea was to drastically increase their sales with no concerns for public health concerns. Due to desiccation, the wheat grains, the staple food for billions of people, get soaked in the poisonous herbicide.

Since glyphosate formulations [GFs] have been sprayed in billions of pounds all over the world, particularly in the West and China, it is best to avoid all wheat products and foods made therefrom. The most undesirable wheat product is refined white wheat flour. It is best to avoid or drastically reduce eating all foods made from it too.

Whole wheat and polished wheat, have been proved to;

[A] Accelerate the aging process by Glycation – the formation of Advanced Glycation End Products [AGEs]. They damage organs, joints and produce wrinkles in the skin. This happens to all, not only diabetics. Glycation enhances the risk for diabetes.

[B] Cause blood sugar spikes, hence disrupting the natural sugar balancing act of insulin, harming the pancreas, causing insulin resistance, and eventually causing type 2 Diabetes Wheat contains amylopectin-A, a kind of carbohydrate not found in other foods. Some tests have shown that it spikes blood sugar to levels higher than those spiked by refined sugar. This leads to obesity.

[C] Damage the gut and the microbiome. Wheat contains gluten - a group of proteins, called prolamins and glutelins. It occurs with starch in the endosperm of various cereal grains – as food for the growing germ. This protein complex comprises 75–85% of the total protein in bread wheat. Thousands of people have developed sensitivity to gluten. That is called celiac disease. It has become a global problem but more prevalent in the West. Gluten causes inflammation in the digestive system, and even “permeability” of the gut. This is the opening of space between cells of the gut wall – permitting incompletely digested food leaking into the bloodstream. This causes overall inflammation [autoimmune action].

[D] Reduce availability of nutrients, particularly trace metals. This is common to all cereals. The seed’s food supply for the seedling to grow is protected and preserved as phytates in the dry seed. When wetted, the seed is triggered to grow by the phytates releasing the nutrients for the seedling. Sll cereals contain phytates. When phytate containing seeds are consumed, the trace minerals available in the food and in the body can get chelated or combined with the phytates, thereby reducing their availability as nutrients. This is of some concern because agrochemicals reduce the trace element content in soil and plants as well as the body on a substantial scale. In such a scenario it is best to reduce the trace metal depletion by phytates. This can be greatly reduced by soaking overnight and washing several times.

Wheat has lectins too. They also deplete mineral availability and cause inflammation of the gut.

Wheat, whether “whole” or not, is not an essential food or fiber source. Fiber can be obtained better from other foods. Brown bread found here is mostly colored with brown sugar or molasses.


This is the misleading, even deceptive name given to a highly processed blend of seed oils. It is not obtained from vegetables as implied. The idea of the deception is to make you believe it is healthy. It is not. They include non-hydrogenated and hydrogenated VOs [like margarines and imitation butters] as well as oils sold under the euphemism “expeller pressed” vegetable oils.

“Vegetable oil can be a blend of Canola oil, corn oil, cottonseed oil, soy oil, safflower oil and sunflower oil. Sometimes there could be peanut oil too, which can cause allergies [inflammation].

* Canola comes from rapeseed genetically modified to prevent formation of an unhealthy, even poisonous, substance in the non-GM rapeseed. It is GM seed. It is well sprayed with RoundUp.

* Corn oil comes from corn/maize – almost 90% of that grown in the West is GM and soaked in RoundUp. Millions of people avoid GM corn. The EU does not permit growing it. Imports are allowed only in the form of prepared animal feed.

* Cottonseed oil is not from a human food. Its effects on humans have not been fully studied.

* Soy oil comes from GM soy bean. Like corn, about 90% of the soy harvested is GM. And well sprayed with RoundUp.

* Safflower is not a food. It has been used as a substitute spice for saffron, food coloring and a dye. The oil has been used in cooking. It increases risk of cardiovascular disease [CVD].

* Sunflower too is not a food, but the seeds are now used as snacks. However, sunflower gathers toxic elements from soil, such as lead, arsenic and uranium and other radioactive substances.

Apart from the above concerns, there are more concerns arising from the method of processing. Being processed at high temperatures and pressures; the oil becomes rancid at the very beginning. Chemicals and solvents are used to remove the stink and improve the color. The final product contains traces of petroleum solvents, chemicals and trans-fats and oxidation products. Trans fats, found in margarines too, are now claimed to be removed – but cannot be completely so. The same has to be true with hazardous oxidation products. These oxidized altered fats are more dangerous than trans-fats. As such, they are even referred to as “Mega Trans fats”. These, with oxygen free radicals formed during processing, damage arteries, which in turn can give rise to heart attacks. Note that risk arises even from short-term use of vegetable oils. Consumption of these oils cause immediate endothelial dysfunction - dysfunction of the lining of arteries as described below.

A study of a group that ate French fries at a restaurant showed that their normal dilation of arteries at 7% before eating reduced to almost 1% soon after eating. This is a pathway to a heart attack.

Also, a survey of hundreds of patients admitted a hospital ER for heart attacks, showed that all had consumed foods cooked in vegetable oils a short time before the heart attack.

Another major reason that vegetable oils are killing you is they are overloaded with Omega-6 fatty acids. They are highly inflammatory. They contribute to good health only if present in a 1:1 or 1:3 maximum ratio with the non-inflammatory omega 3 fatty acids. In the USA, because of all the processed foods they eat and the use of vegetable oils, this ratio has shot up to the very dangerous 20:1 and 30:1 levels. Worse, they are not the normal Omega-6s. They are the processing damaged Mega-Trans type. This is a major cause for the epidemic of CVD, diabetes and obesity over there.

It is advisable to revert to extra virgin and ordinary expelled coconut oils. Westerners are taking a dose of EV coconut oil daily to prevent and reverse Alzheimer’s disease. 

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