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Rs. 500 daily allowance for AL vocation students

The Education Ministry has taken measures to provide a Rs. 500 daily allowance to each student entering the job-oriented training courses under the GCE Advanced Level vocational stream. Accordingly all Advanced Level students following the vocational stream will be entitled to obtain Rs 500 daily allowance during the in-service period.

The vocational stream was introduced in 2017

in line with the implementation of the 13-year continuous school education curriculum. The main aim of the AL vocational stream is to create skills-equipped work forces for future vocational fields. Under this scheme, irrespective of their GCE Ordinary Level results, students can follow the vocational stream and sit the Advanced Level examination.

Under the vocational stream programme, students can select three subjects from 26 vocational subjects as appropriate for that student’s training needs to meet the requirements of her/his chosen vocation. The students who follow the vocational stream will receive theoretical knowledge relating to the three selected subjects during the first year. During the second year the student will receive a job oriented training relating to a subject the student selected. The student is required to select the most preferred subject out of the three selected subjects in order to gain professional experience during the second year.

The students can follow the vocational stream either in Sinhala or Tamil medium. 

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