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Assault on van driver :

Prof. Ashu calls for tough police action

UNP Parliamentarian Professor Ashu Marasinghe has made a written complaint to the acting IGP calling for an inquiry into the assault of a van driver in an incident in Kalagedihena on the Colombo-Kandy road on Thursday.

 During a news media briefing at ‘Temple Trees’ yesterday, the UNP parliamentarian alluded to ongoing comments on social media about this incident and remarked on the rush of social media criticism of politicians in this connection although there was no evidence that any politician was involved in this incident.

In his complaint, Prof. Marasinghe has requested the Acting IGP to launch an investigation and enforce the law on the culprits involved in the incident without considering their status. He disclosed that he had subsequently been informed by the Police chief that an investigation has already been launched. According to the gossip on social media, the person who assaulted the van driver is an associate of an education entrepreneur who has links with a major Opposition political faction. Although questioned on these aspects, Prof Marasinghe refused to further comment other than declaring that it was “unfair to identify all politicians as being corrupt”. There are good politicians, he argued, who possess qualities and characteristics expected from them by the general public.

Responding to a question made by a journalist with regard to the controversial statement against Buddhist monks by Highways and Road Development State Minister Ranjan Ramanayaka, Prof Marasinghe said that as a Sinhalese Buddhist, he completely ‘condemned’ the statement and said that Ramanayaka should openly apologize to the Sangha.

“As a responsible person, without making such irresponsible statements, he should take legal action against certain men dressed in the robes with sexual abuse charges if he really has evidence to prove those charges.” said the MP.


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