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‘New technology must to find solutions for prevailing issues’

For the development of the country changes are inevitable and if the country does not move with time, changes will take place without any notice, said Minister of Power, Energy and Business Development, Ravi Karunanayake at the ‘LECO Switch On Future’ event hosted by Lanka Electricity Company (Private) Limited (LECO) yesterday.

Many companies have failed in the operation mainly due to the inability of adapting to changes to suite the current demands. Thus new technology needs to be incorporated to find solutions for the prevailing issues and pave way for a fast developing nation.

“We are proud of what LECO does today with its service spanning for 36 years,” the Minister said. The ‘CEB Care’ app launched by the Ceylon Electricity Board last month has provided much faster service to its customers and similarly he believed that the MYLECO App would also benefit their customers in the future.



The customer should be given the center focus and if it is not for the customers then a successful business won’t exist.

Thinking differently and adopting creative innovative ideas in every industry assists in delivering manageable and favorable output for the entire nation.

“For instance if we go for smart meter reading, then we could reduce the current expenses and fraudulent activities within the system but with the prevailing mindset of the people this is somewhat a challenge,” he said.

He also said that national security, national economy and youth driven business activities are crucial for the development of a country.

LECO introduced three in-house built automated systems which are, MYLECO App, Advanced Distribution Management System (ADMS) and SMART grid Integration Platform (SMIP) to serve their customer base which consists of about six lakhs. Today LECO is taking forefront in the utility digitalization, introducing various innovative solutions in converting the national grid to a smart grid.


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