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18 years old poem

It is not unusual if an 18-year old girl writes poems in English, but in the present circumstances where English is hardly spoken even in provincial towns, a Muslim girl by name Nuha Risan from Badulla (her native place, however, is 339/62, Jayasamagi Mawatha, Akkara 18 Balangoda) has produced a tiny volume of poems in English running to 90 pages with lot of illustrations called ”Inner Wings”. There are 40 poems.

It is very salutatory. The illustrations are by A.M. Shifa Farwin. It’s priced at Rs.350. She has dedicated her ambitious book to her parents and ‘other parents who are trying to be role models to their children’

Fine. What does she want to achieve writing poems?

Says she:

“I love motivating the hearts of young people to cross the hurdles effectively through my poetry.” And she adds:’ It is that boundless passion to inspire the youth that made this book of inspirational poems come into being. These poems are positively oriented and urging the mind of the youth to believe in themselves and their talents which are definitely achievable”.

Nuha Rizan is no novice. As I noted, she has participated in workshops and courses conducted in Bengaluru, India. I have a feeling she must be either a teacher or a higher form student at Oxford International College, Badulla which is owned by her father, Rizan Zain. I notice that she must have some connection with a Malaysian educational institution, because Fathima Rawshan Zain Mihlar, who is a scholar in English Linguistics, had given a message to this book. In her message, Fathima goes to the kernel of Nuha’s book listing the following:

“While her debut poetry collection captures the pain, fear, rejection and pressure a teen faces as she grows up, it also portrays how she bravely confronts the challenges and make an untiring effort to rise up when she is about to down in life’s tests. It also expresses her admiration, gratitude, joy and positive attitude in neatly woven strings of words. As a whole, it accompanies the youth like a guiding lamp and sheds light on the same dilemmas they face”

In the same way, the content of the poems is beautifully elucidated by JMPVK Jayasunadra, Head of English Language Teaching, Faculty of Management, Uva Wellassa University of Sri Lanka.

I like his description of what a poem is:

“In general, poetry evokes a concentrated imaginative awareness of experience or a specific emotional response through preferred language organized for its meaning, sound, and rhythm which can be undoubtedly used as a driving force in changing society with the powerfulness of expressive capability.”

Now quoting expressively what others have said about the book, which I agree, how do I express my admiration of Nuha Rian’s poems.

Reading her poems, I found the following lines in her poems fresh and original:

*She is, who She is

*Circle of Excellence

*Enchanting Creation

*Her Intoxicating Instincts

These were titles of some of her poems. Now, I shall pick up some lines in the book that I liked. You too may like them.

Utilizing it wisely is a skill to master, you never learn the mysterious ocean, unless you swim across it every season

To taste the sweetness of success, swallow the bitterness of loss

This ironic life is a quest

If it is not for you past days, you are not who you are today, Experience expands your horizon. Learning through experience leads to an exemplary existence

Your hard work of construction, might get demolished in a second, build it back anyway

In destruction, construction happens

My place of existence is now the circle of excellence

Every individual is immensely blessed

All are consecrated with some capabilities. Invisible magic is hidden interiorly. It might consume a period of time, to uncover the hidden treasure from the mine.

‘I am the desire and the slave of my aspiration’. Say this to yourself and keep on rising.

Inner joy is like enriched honey. It is not dependent on the exterior context. It is personally created inside us.

You are an unlimited series of the edition, who no one can dare to reach up to, it is not your skills or a gift from birth, not even your status which determines your worth. If you think you can, you can

I shall stop at that.

It is amazing for me to see relatively a young woman reaches maturity in spirit and psychologically understand the positive values that keep the dynamo sparkle with success all the time. Congratulations to young Nuha Rizan.

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