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Ranjan to sue Website for distorting his views

At the centre of a uproar over claims of child monk abuse, Highways and Road Development State Minister Ranjan Ramanayake says he will file charges against the website which originally reported his interview because it had edited his controversial remarks about child monks to “intentionally created a rift” between him and the Buddhist clergy.

Ramanayake told the Daily News that the Buddha’s teachings were based upon compassion, forgiveness and peace. “However, all I have seen so far is the Buddhist monks who are the teachers of the Buddha’s doctrine threatening to smash my mouth and many other threats. But, so far not a single monk has spoken to me and tried to correct me if I had done something wrong. Instead they are criticising me and threatening me. Is this the teaching of the Buddha?” he questioned.

Ramanayake said as a layman it is human for him to make mistakes, but those teaching the religion should be compassionate and tolerant enough to correct him if he was wrong and not criticise him and slander him in this manner.

“I only highlighted the plight of some of the child monks, which is an open secret. I serve on the Sectoral Oversight Committee on Women and Gender and as such I have a right to highlight certain wrong committed against children. However, instead of addressing the issue and taking steps to rectify it, the monks are trying to kill the messenger,” Ramanayake added.

He reiterated that he did not refer to all members of the Maha Sangha in the controversial Web interview, now available on You Tube, but said that 90% of monks involved in public agitation were responsible for such acts. However, he claimed that his statements had been edited and distorted on the Website by the media coordinator for a presidential hopeful with the intent of creating a rift between the Buddhist monks and himself.

Minister Ramanayake said he respects the majority of the Buddhist monks in the country and would not hesitate to worship them, but added that he would not respect the handful of monks who do not walk the path of the Buddha.

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