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PM reprimands Ranjan over statement

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe has called for an explanation from State Highways and Road Development Minister Ranjan Ramanayake prior to July 21 with regard to certain statements made by the latter during an interview regarding the Maha Sangha living in temples.

“My attention has been drawn to certain comments made by you regarding the monks residing in temples. I hereby notify you to give a written explanation regarding your comments prior to July 21st. I would like to emphasize that the views expressed by you are contradictory to the views of the party leadership and the party,” the Prime Minister had stated.

The Prime Minister had noted that his family members had maintained close ties with the Buddhist Temples and had rendered their assistance for the development of these temples.

“Our family members have worked closely with the Kelaniya Raja Maha Viharaya, Gangarama Viharaya and several other temples and provided ‘Siwpasa’ to the monks and assisted them in their academic and religious activities. Therefore, as the Prime Minister and the leader of the party, I strongly reject your allegations.”

Meanwhile, When contacted by the Daily News, State Minister Ranjan Ramanayake said that his interview had been edited and posted on a certain FB page with the intention of discrediting him. “I will be meeting with the prime Minister on Wednesday to explain to him what has taken place. I said that there are only a handful of bloodthirsty monks in the country and meant to disrespect to the entire Buddhist clergy. My video had been edited and distorted. This is being done to bring disrepute to our party by a person operating this web page for a presidential contender,” he said.

Meanwhile, in a recorded statement posted on social media Ven. Ampitiye Sumanarathana Thera demanded that Ramanayake should name the monks he is levelling allegations against, adding that if not it brings disgrace to all Buddhist monks in the country. “We are ashamed to face the public as people would look at us in a way that we have also been subjected to such abuse. Hence, he must clarify his statement. Ranjan Ramanayake is an actor and we should not even be responding to his baseless foolish statements. However, such derogatory statements regarding the Buddhist clergy should not be tolerated or permitted.”

He said the Buddhist clergy is being disgraced by such persons as Ramanayake because the law is not implemented properly.

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