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‘Innovative research practices must for creative economy’

Promoting innovative research practices will help country’s economy to leapfrog from a knowledge based economy to a creative economy, said Prof. Lakshman Dissanayake, Senior professor in Demography and the former Vice chancellor of the University of Colombo.

Noting that carrying out researches alone will not help to reach the creative economy status; he stressed the need to promote research practices through knowledge sharing activities to fulfill this target.

According to him, innovative research will not only improve the understanding of the respective discipline and the analytical skills of people particularly in the HR field, it will also improve the presentation skills, communication skills, collaboration, decision making, problem solving ,time management and critical thinking skills which are very much needed in field of personnel management.

“Knowledge sharing is a tool that can be used to promote evidence based practices and decision making and also to promote and exchange dialogues among researchers, policy makers and service providers. However, the subject of knowledge sharing and strategies and its effectiveness is little known at the moment. Evidence based researches should be promoted among different stakeholders for the benefit of the communities and the nation,” he told at the HR Symposium, organized by the Chartered Institute of Personnel Management (CIPM) in Colombo yesterday.

Speaking further, he said everything that is done need to be placed in the context of the fourth industrial revolution as the world has already stepped into a technological revolution that will essentially modify lifestyles of people and the way they work in its scale, scope and complexity.

According to him this transformation will be dissimilar to anything that we have so far observed or experienced before.

“At the same time, we should never forget that technology and innovation are the key ingredients that enable today’s speedy progression.

The fourth industrial revolution unlike the previous ones is evolving at an exponential manner. It has already begun to disrupt every industry in every country .The changes that it brings in will enhance entire systems, production, management, he said.


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