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‘Govt. has ensured independent judiciary’

This government has strengthened the rule of law by ensuring the independence of the judiciary, UNP Parliamentarian Hirunika Premachandra said at a media briefing at Temple Trees yesterday.

The courts have the freedom to perform independently since there is no political interference and victims also receive justice through courts, she said.

“During the last regime, judges received telephone calls from politicians prior to declaring court decisions. Unlike those days, now judges don’t receive telephone calls which try to influence court decisions,” MP Premachandra saidd.

Since the judiciary is independent, the courts are now challenging the decisions of the Executive President, the UNP Parliamentarian said.

“The county has for long needed such an independent legal system. Finally, under this government, the independence of the judiciary as exists in most developed countries, is available is our country also. This is a victory for the upholding of the rule of law,” she said.

The persons in authority who failed to prevent the Easter Sunday suicide bomb attacks should face the music and it is unethical and unjust to level all allegations against the former Defence Secretary and the Inspector General of Police.

Speaking on the Parliamentary Select Committee appointed to look into the Easter Sunday attacks, she said the Prime Minister is ready to go before the PSC if he is summoned. Similarly, the President has to go before it, if he is summoned. Nevertheless, the persons in authority who failed to prevent the attacks will be revealed by the PSC.

“Whatever the Opposition says about the PSC, it was established with the consent of all parties including the SLFP and SLPP,” MP Premachandra said.

She said that the government does not wish to use the Samurdhi scheme to gain votes. Unlike the previous regime, the Samurdhi programme is undertaken without politics. An additional 600,000 families were selected for receiving Samurdhi benefits without regard to political background and there are opposition supporters among the beneficiaries, she said.

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