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Purpose of JVP’s NCM to sling mud at PM, Cabinet - Kiriella

The Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) moved the No Confidence Motion against the government with the intention of slinging mud against the Prime Minister and the Cabinet, Leader of the House Lakshman Kiriella yesterday said.

Minister Kiriella questioned as to why there is no mention of a Defence Minister in the NCM. “Why is only the Prime Minister’s name included here? So it is obvious that this NCM was moved to put the Prime Minister and the Cabinet in a difficult position. The Prime Minister was not allowed at the Security Council (SC) until the terror attacks took place. Even in the aftermath of the attack, the other representatives in the SC did not respond to the PM’s summoning. It was the Prime Minister who went to the Defense Ministry to discuss about the attacks,” Minister Kiriella pointed out.

Minister Kiriella also said that the terror attacks were sudden and unexpected.

“There was no dialogue on IS terrorism in the country prior to April 21. This attack was an unexpected one. Did someone in Parliament warn us of an IS attack? At a recent case where the government was held responsible of the terror attacks, the decision given was an important one. According to the Magistrate hearing the case there was no enough evidence to prove that there were solid reports warning of a terror attack. According to such evidences, higher officials in the government have communicated via the WhatsApp mobile phone application. There has been no mention of a date either.” he furthered.

Minister Kiriella also pointed out that the Parliament Select Committee was appointed to find out the faults in the system which allowed the terror attacks to happen. Is it so bad to find out what has taken place behind the stage, the Minister questioned.

Referring the JVP attacks in 1971 targeting 37 Police stations, Minister Kiriella said that the terrorist attacks are no difference to that. So, we should give all a chance, get together as a nation and take this country forward, Minister Kiriella said.


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