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BASL President making erroneous claims - Minister

‘Political alignment discredits Bar Assn.’

Justice Minister Thalatha Athukorale yesterday denied claims made by the BASL President Kalinga Indatissa PC that she has assented to establishing of a branch of the American Bar Association or any affiliated institutions in Sri Lanka.

The Minister asked why the Association president had made this false claim in a meeting with the Leader of the Opposition without first checking with her.Issuing a statement in response to comments that have been made by the BASL President during a meeting with Opposition Leader Mahinda Rajapaksa on July 5 the Justice Minister said she has not granted permission for such an institution to open its branch in Sri Lanka. “As the subject minister I have not granted permission for any such institution to be established in Sri Lanka,” she says in her statement.

Athukorala said the BASL President has presented false information to the Opposition Leader without even inquiring from the President, the Prime Minister or herself, regarding the matter.

She said that the BASL President’s conduct in this regard shows that he has harmed the long-standing reputation of the Bar Association of Sri Lanka to achieve narrow political objectives.

“President of the Bar Association, Kalinga Indatissa PC has undermined the entire Bar Association by makings ‘false statements’ without making any inquiries,” she said.

She said that the people’s trust in the Bar Association will be diminished, as the people are misled when leaders of the legal profession make such false statements.

Athukorale said she can responsibly state that the President, Prime Minister and the government including herself will not carry out any activity that would be detrimental to the country.

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