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Sour puss!

He might look like a bit of a sour puss – but this miserable-looking moggy only seems permanently sad because of a rare genetic condition – and is actually very happy.

Down-in-the-mouth Toby has Ehlers-Danlos syndrome that affects his skin, making it saggy, giving him a permanently grumpy look.

His owners, Chris Lardner and Georgina Price, from Gloucestershire, didn’t let his condition put them off and adopted him and his best friend Quinton, after they were both rescued from a hoarder house by the RSPCA.

Georgina, an accounts assistant added, “His condition means he basically has defective collagen. Ehlers Danlos syndrome can affect the health in other cases but it doesn’t seem to have affected Toby that badly. It’s just affected his skin more than anything else – it’s quite fragile, which is why he gets cuts and he is so droopy as well. He is not sad anymore but he can pull the face when he wants to.”

Toby is in love with bouncy balls, shoelaces, anything he can drag around.

Chris added, “People say he looks ‘old’ and call him ‘sagpuss’. He can pull a really grumpy face when he’s upset, he really doesn’t like being woken up from his nap. He sleeps a lot during the day and we come back home they want to play.” Chris, a builder, said, “When we first got Toby, it took him about four weeks to come out from under the bed, he was so nervous. When he was in the shelter he was kind of ignored by the other cats, he wasn’t socialised because he was so scared of everyone.”

“After a difficult start in life we are just glad we found them when we did, we can prevent Toby from further harm and ease any potential problems his EDS may bring.”

Georgina added, “These special needs cats show appreciation and love in abundance with a little patience and time so if anything we hope our happy sad cat Toby will encourage others, capable and willing, to adopt and not shop, as there are so many Toby and Quintons out there that need a home. We love the cats so, so much-they mean the world to us both and we are so incredibly proud of how brave they’ve become. They’re so sweet and loving; it’s really the most rewarding thing in the world.” Story Trender

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