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Sussex College, Kiribathgoda

Practise what you preach

Perfect Prefects features its first quartet of Head Prefects, Head Boys – Minura Perera and Janidu Kodithuwakku and Head Girls – Samadhi Geeganage and Ishrath Hussain of Sussex College, Kiribathgoda. Since neither surpasses the other when it comes to wit and skill, they all share the mantle of Head Prefect as deemed fit by the school.

Head Girl Ishrath Hussain, points out that being autocratic and self-centred will lead you into danger. Working as a team is helpful since you receive more ideas and cooperation will certainly bring you success.

“I think the key to success is dedication. Being dedicated to anything you do will lead you to success. You may win or lose but if you are dedicated then you will have succeeded in your heart and mind. Being dedicated is the key to my success. Being dedicated has its own reward,” said Hussain.

Hussain points out that in this world there are mainly two factions. There is a high class and then there is the powerless. And some of the high class tend to take advantage of the powerless sector. So she is of the opinion that we need to see more altruism in this world. So poverty is definitely a major issue in the world and one she feels strongly about.

“Poverty would eventually lead to child abuse because sometimes the little girls are taken advantage of. That is an issue that I am interested in as a leader. As a future leader I would like to see that necessary steps are taken to stop this,” explained Hussain.

Hussain’s message to society is something that she tells herself. And that is to be brave and to handle any situation to the best of her ability. That is what she wants to tell the young generation.

“A leader should have a very good personality first of all. He/she should be dedicated towards his/her work and he/she should be punctual. Honesty and patience are very good qualities a leader should have. Patience means that he/she should not suddenly lose his/her temper. You need to shoulder your responsibilities with the utmost effort,” said Hussain.

Head Boy Minura Perera, feels that the key to his success is time management. He feels that there is a time for everything and everything needs to be done on time. He believes that punctuality is essential.

“Where I am today is because of the immense support I have received from my teachers. Discipline is a trait that has been instilled in all students at Sussex Kiribathgoda. This is due to the influence of our principal and all the teachers. This training that I have received has been very beneficial to me as a young leader,” said Perera.

Perera believes in being innovative and that comes from examining a problem from different angles. This is the way he deals with pressure. He does it by thoroughly examining the problem. He firmly believes that being humble is important for anyone, not just a leader.

“A leader needs to be courageous and dedicated. Again I need to point out that being punctual is important since time is of the essence. Again being honest is so important because if you are not honest then people will lose faith in you. If we are at fault we need to immediately rectify the problem. Because we can only help someone succeed if they take us seriously,” explained Perera.

Perera pointed out that you need to be adaptable when you enter society. His message to any young person is, if you want to be successful you need to adapt, but at the same time never abandon your principles. You need to be able to adapt to any situation. It will be an experience for your own good.

“In this world, we encounter chaotic situations. This is where great leadership matters. You need to be able to control and handle a situation effectively. This applies to any level of leadership. If you take a president, then he or she needs to be able to control a country. There are good men and women in the world. But the reality is that there are destructive people in the world who cause problems. You need to tackle the situation and make the world a better place,” pointed out Perera.

Perera wisely points out that there is no point accumulating money if other people are living in poverty and dwelling in shanties. He stresses that it is the role of leaders and wealthy people to make donations and reduce poverty so that we can all be happy. Hunger is also a serious problem in this world we live in he adds.

“The world is growing more and more chaotic. The activities of terrorist organizations aggravate the situation. This really intensifies the suffering. The activities of ISIS prove my point,” added Perera.

Perera is a fan of Greek Mythology and Egyptian Mythology and is a great fan of Rick Riordan who wrote the Percy Jackson series. He has studied ancient Greek culture and shows a lot of interest in these topics.

Head Boy Janidu Kodithuwakku points out that working as a team is a must in any given situation. You need the input of others which is as important as thinking independently. Knowledge is power. Unity is power.

“Firm determination and hard work is the key to my success. There is no substitute for hard work in my opinion. Putting in the extra effort does wonders. I would also like to point out that there is a lot of discrimination in the world. So many people are cornered in the world. So many people are downtrodden. So I want to try and change the mindset of the people because it is the only thing that I can do. I want to help those who are powerless. I think the greatest thing anyone can do is to empower another person,” explained Kodithuwakku.

Kodithuwakku does not judge a person by appearance because appearances can be deceptive he says. You cannot judge a book by its cover he says.

“Hard work, determination and honesty are the best qualities a leader should have. It is a process of development. Patience also has its own rewards. We need to be focused and take life step by step. Like I said it is a process of development,” said Kodithuwakku.

Head Girl Samadhi Geeganage, believes that a versatile personality can certainly help when assuming a role of leadership.

“I feel that at Sussex Kiribathgoda the entire staff is very supportive of us. The welfare of the students is the top priority. The rules are there for our own good. We have been nurtured in a certain way that has helped us to become good leaders,” said Geeganage.

She feels strongly that a leader should first and foremost be a good example to those he or she is leading. This means embodying noble characteristics and practising what one preaches.

“Leaders should be patient and dedicated. He or she needs to be determined when trying to achieve his or her goals. Being humble is essential and being kind too can help. My message to any young person is that when you leave school, you will enter society with so many different people. This will bring different challenges and obstacles. You need to be brave and be ready to face any situation that may arise. Kindness and being humble will win you many friends. You need to be competitive but always retain your good qualities,” explained Geeganage.

Geeganage understands that it is difficult to change peoples’ attitudes. However, she says that if we live properly and lead a successful life, then they can look at us and change their ways. We need to live alongside people but still retain our good qualities.

“The menace of poverty is ever present in the world. Then there is also the menace of child abuse. I feel that the affluent need to intervene and help those who are poor. This is not to say that they do not. There are philanthropists in the world. I feel that a good, forceful and charismatic leader needs to come to power. Then we can overcome these obstacles. There is plenty of food in the world. It just needs to be channelled properly. This is where real values and a positive attitude comes in. A leader without false values and a positive attitude” explained Geeganage. 

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