‘Over 115,000 children are addicted to liquor, drugs’ | Daily News

‘Over 115,000 children are addicted to liquor, drugs’

A recent survey revealed that about 115,000 children have become addicted to liquor and dangerous drugs, said Advisor to the National Council for Rehabilitation of Drug Addicts Dr. Saman Kumara Kithala Arachchi.

He was addressing the media in Kurunegala yesterday.

Of them, 6,100 children are addicted to heroin. About 3,000 were addicted to cannabis. About 5,000 were addicted to drug tablets. About

1,500 women also take drugs and other narcotics, the survey revealed, he said.

“About 2.4 million smoke cigarettes. Many of the drug addicts are from the Western Province. Kurunegala and Puttalam, too, have a large number of drug addicts. The number of drug addicts alarmingly increases in the Central, North Central and Sabragamuwa Provinces as well,” he said.

The survey was handed over to President Maithripala Sirisena last week,” he said.



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