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‘Govt. can overcome Thursday’s challenge’

The government is strong enough to face any sort of challenge or obstacle, UNP Parliamentarian Thushara Indunil said, speaking to media yesterday at Temple Trees.

He said the government will show its strength and stability after facing the No-Confidence Motion (NCM) to be presented in Parliament tomorrow. Moreover, by tomorrow evening, the government will show that it has the majority.

“No government except this government has faced such a number of no-confidence motions. Whatever obstacle comes our way, we have the strength to overcome it. On Thursday, we can show how strong the government is,” he said.

The government cannot be defeated by forwarding no-confidence motions, but only becomes stronger by facing these challenges, the UNP MP said.

He said the government will receive the assistance of Parliamentarians in the Opposition. A considerable number of SLFP and SLPP Parliamentarians will stand with the government when the no-confidence motion is taken up, Indunil said.

Refuting allegations that the government is going to hand over thousands of hectares of lands to foreign nations, especially to the US, the UNP Parliamentarian said the Opposition wants to abort the national programme to offer land deeds to landless persons. The government implemented State Land (Special Provisions) Bill with the intention to offer land ownership to landless families.

“But it is regrettable that the so-called patriotic Wimal Weerawansa and Udaya Gammanpila are seeking to destroy the programme by levelling baseless allegations by highlighting a fabricated link with USA,” he said.

The Parliamentarian asked if these persons disliked offering land ownership to landless persons.

Indunil said the SLFP is responsible for spreading extremism in the country after declaring Sinhala as the only official language.

Speaking on the recent statement of MP Mahinda Rajapaksa in Kurunegala that the SLPP would introduce a religious and country-friendly person as the candidate for the forthcoming Presidential Election, he said that during Rajapaksa’s regime, there was a serious downslide in religious and ethnic harmony.

“It was during Rajapaksa’s regime that the creation of Sanghabedaya was reported. Who wanted to arouse racialism after the Easter Sunday suicide bomb attacks? It has been reported that several SLPP members were behind arousing racialism two three weeks after the terror attacks,” he said.

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