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JVP has organised a “street filling protest march”. The protest march organised by the JVP to demand the government that betrays the country to the imperialists, burdens the masses with various taxes and high cost of living and sells resources belonging to the people.

All this is very good. But what are your future plans. It is very easy to criticise. Very easy to arrange protest marches. Very easy to shout inside the Parliament. To arrange press conferences. To arrange May day rallies. To bring no confidence motions. To arrange very big meetings.

All these are done not only by JVP. All the other political parties are doing all these. Sometimes better than JVP. Any political party having lot of money can do all this.

But most important thing is, can JVP make this country a successful one or a developed country if they come to power at next elections. What are their plans? It is very easy to give various false promises and come to power. After coming to power they start playing their normal game. Help their party supporters. Go round the world. Steal public funds wherever possible. No discipline in the country. No rule of law. Equity before law is not maintained. There is political instability. Politicians start fighting with one another. Economy collapses. They start taking loans. There will be a debt crisis. They start appointing commissions, which are of no use.

This is what all the other political parties have done. Have you got a better plan? What is your foreign policy? Who will give you financial assistance? Are you going to change the constitution? Can you establish ethnic harmony and religious harmony? Can you give a solution to the problems of minorities? Who are the capable people in your Cabinet of ministers? Are they having the necessary management, language, information technology, accounting political science knowledge and skills?

Any political party coming to power should be able to face these challenges. We don’t want the leaders to come and give various excuses. That is what is happening right now. Countries like Singapore and Malaysia were developed not by giving excuses. They had excellent development plans. They had the competent people. They managed everything very well. Corruption was not tolerated. Inefficient was not tolerated. They achieved their wanted targets. They never wanted excuses for failures. Religious and ethnic extremism never tolerated.

D. Weeratunga


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