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China, Germany work to cut greenhouse gases from livestock

Chinese and German scientists are working together to try and further reduce greenhouse gas emissions produced by the raising of livestock.

The scientists are developing innovative methods and technologies focusing on greenhouse gas reduction at three pilot farms, said Yang Hongjie, division chief for animal industry development at the National Animal Husbandry Services, which is under the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs. Two are cattle farms in Tianjin municipality and Hebei province, and the third is a yak farm in Sichuan province.

“Specific measures to improve the climate-related performance of the selected farms will be developed, and at least five innovative processes and technologies for reducing greenhouse gases and improving the environmental performance of these livestock farms will be identified and developed,” he said.

The project, signed between China’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and Germany’s Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture, started in April and lasts until the end of the year. It is also part of a joint declaration on climate and agricultural cooperation signed between the two ministries in Beijing in May, Yang said.

“Reducing GHG emissions requires joint efforts by the international community,” he said.

To carry out the project, experts from the two countries will conduct exchange programs, and some Chinese technical experts will receive training in Germany, Yang said.

After the project is completed, the results will be evaluated and positive outcomes may be promoted at other livestock farms in China, Yang said.

Wang Zongli, head of the National Animal Husbandry Services, which is responsible for carrying out the project in China, said intensified cooperation between China and Germany in agriculture in recent years has resulted in positive achievements. These include the promotion of superior cow species and the establishment of a number of facilities using Germany technologies to treat waste from pig farms.

“Agricultural and livestock production in China has been upgrading at an accelerated pace in recent years, creating higher demand for large-scale and green production of the industry,” he said.

China has been improving its efforts in environmental protection in the agricultural sector while at the same time increasing total production. Authorities will introduce more measures to promote green development of agriculture over the next few years. According to a national plan released last year, this will include reducing the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, promoting treatment and utilization of livestock waste and restoring ecological environments in rural areas. (

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