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The good hair guide

To maintain your mane, know your hair type and then choose products.

Step 1: Know your hair type

There are three types of hair: thick, medium and fine. To know your hair type simply wrap your hair in a ponytail. If you have to wrap the elastic around it once, you have thick hair. If you need to wrap the band two or three times you have medium hair and if it is more than that then your hair type is thin. In addition, there’s the texture: curvy, curly, and straight. All you need is to observe your hair in its natural state. Still in doubt? Then talk to your hairstylist. After knowing your type, then choose a product based on it.

Step 2: Cut and style

The haircut and style depend on your hair type and face cut. The correct cut and style can make your face look thinner, angular or plumper. Once you have fixed a certain style, schedule regular trims.

Step 3: the right product

Read the label. Tip: More expensive doesn’t translate to most effective. Try and test brands. Some rules still work: for instance, for dry and thick hair use a moisturising shampoo and a hydrating conditioner. For fine hair, use anything that adds volume. For regular and thick hair, use a spray and for thin hair, use mousse. It’s better to pick styling crèmes over hair gels as they are better at styling your hair naturally.

Hair styling products give the best results when you use them with the correct tools like hair dryer, curling iron or hair roller, etc

Style your hair

When using a product, use the correct amount. Rule: short hair requires a penny size of the product and medium length uses a nickel and so on

If you are using a curling iron, spritz water in sectioned hair

Before blow drying, towel-dry your hair, apply the product and then blow dry

To distribute the spray evenly, first spray and then comb. Spray at crown and roots and not on the top of the hair

When using a mousse or cream start at the back of the head and not the front. Take the product, warm it in your hands and then apply


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