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Spider Man - Far From Home

Swinging into unknown territories

Stan Lees’ favourite superhero Spider Man is back once again and Marvel fans across all demographic segments are in for a real treat.

This time around Spidey while dealing with baddies also focuses on romancing with red haired beauty Mary Jane Watson alias MJ and interacting with his friendly neighborhood. Will Peter Parker find solace in MJ’s arms this time?

Spider Man was originally a creation by the duo Stan Lee and Steve Ditko as writer and artist. (Similarly Stan teamed up with Jack Kirby to create The Fantastic Four) The original character of Spider Man (Peter Parker) was basically a lone superhero who dealt with villains in the city.

Parker being an orphan would have all complexes as a teenager. Living with his aunt and uncle he used to be a loser in romance.

Two famous quotes that often came in Spider Man comic books were MJ’s words, “Face it, tiger...you just hit the jackpot!” and uncle’s last advise to Parker before his sudden demise, “With great power comes great responsibility”.

The not-so-lucky kid Peter Parker would have antipathy from his loved ones from time to time while fighting villains.

His interaction with the Daily Bugle tabloid newspaper and its Editor-in-chief J Jonah Jameson as a freelance photojournalist added spice to the web slinger’s affairs.

Jameson (who never knew Peter Parker’s real identity) would fire Peter at anytime he failed to meet deadlines of the tabloid. (Did Stan copy DC’s Superman and his alter-ego Clark Kent to create Spider Man?)

An old comic book issue of ‘Amazing Spider Man’ would end showing a lone Spider Man crouching on a high rise building in the moonlight or slinging his web and heading towards an unknown destination after handing over the villains to local cops.

However Marvel movies eventually made the web slinger a team player by allying him with Iron Man and the Avengers.

The latest of its kind, ‘Spider Man - Far From Home’ is the much anticipated sequel to the 2017 movie, ‘Spider Man - Homecoming’. Both films feature Tom Holland as Spider Man with a promise of sustaining the actor.

The movie depicts Spider Man as a teenager who is in transition period of his life. The life urges him to take up greater challenges to save the world from baddies while the timid kid in Peter Parker tries to hold on tight to the fading teen years.

The story brings to limelight an old Marvel villain and special effects wizard Quentin Beck alias Mysterio who makes Spider Man wonder whether the former is friend or foe.Spider Man fighting with illusions created by Mysterio is the main focus and entertainment factor of the film.

Peter Parker mourns the death of Tony Stark (Iron Man) following the Avengers-Endgame affair while the world moves on. The web slinger evades Nick Fury (of Avengers fame) to avoid any serious alliances once again and tries to focus on high-school work and pleasure trips with peers.

Fury anyways gives Parker, Tony Stark’s glasses which were meant for Iron Man’s successor.

Quentin Beck bounces in from a so-called different Earth to console Peter Parker. Parker being taken for a ride as often hands over Stark’s glasses to Beck hoping he would be the successor to Iron Man.

The glasses equipped with artificial intelligence could access all databases of Stark Industries and command a large orbital weapons supply. Peter goes on a European trip with his high school buddies while Beck (Mysterio) wrecks havoc in town with an illusionary Water-man using Stark’s glasses. Spidey and MJ soon realize Beck is a phony customer and Spidey naturally swings into action to save the world by defeating Mysterio.

Mysterio before his passing away in the clash does the greatest damage by revealing Peter Parker is Spider Man. Daily Bugle.net editor-in chief J Jonah Jameson with his toothbrush mustache appears on a roadside wide screen, blaming Spider Man (as always) for the major upset happened in town.

‘Spider Man - Far From Home’ is sheer entertainment for all. Marvel fans would enjoy the web slinger’s catchy words, romancing and heroic deeds to the utmost. The Amazing Spider Man is fast catching up with momentum thus next Spider Man movie would be forecasted as one which brings more serious stuff.

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