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Revamped Legends lights up the airwaves

Legends 96.6 has undergone a metamorphosis of incalculable proportions, emerging as an establishment that is intent on playing the music that make radio listening an experience to cherish.

Being a part of the renowned and pioneering broadcast company, MBC Networks (Pvt) Ltd., whose perspective has always been from the eyes of a leader instead of a follower, Legends 96.6 has embarked upon a journey that started off from solely concentrating on retro music, to focusing on iconic Rock, Pop, Soul, Disco, and much more.

Why this transformation? Sri Lanka is constantly evolving, especially in terms of musical palettes; the island is driven and sustained by melodies. The isle is full of noises, sounds, and a plethora of twangling instruments, that when they form a perfect synthesis, they evoke the reggae melodies of Sri Lanka’s numerous beaches, to rock music prevalent in suburbia, to pop and disco tunes in the hinterland, and so much more. Research analytics and data findings indicate that the overall demographic of Sri Lankan radio listenership is growing, reaching a wider range of groups therein. Understanding change, Legends 96.6 places its music right at the apex of that wave, ready to ride the music crest as the catalyst of change, not as a product of it. Always in tune with radio listenership, the Legends 96.6 battle cry demands a fresher and more relevant approach – a perspective that is in harmony with our island persona and disposition.

The amazing team of radio presenters, scriptwriters, production staff, and management personnel, come with years of experience, commitment, loyalty, positivity, and musical prowess. They have, in turn, coalesced to provide a musical experience of unparalleled excellence, to our burgeoning listener base. Picture yourself sipping a cup of tea, just before commuting to work, and the tunes of Bryan Adams playing in the background. Does it take you back to your college days? Now visualize yourself navigating the workplace labyrinth, and you need a musical pick-me-up; right then, Bob Marley and the Wailers starts playing on the stereo. Or, you are currently enjoying the fruits of retirement, and Queen is belting out one of their famous hits, inspiring you to take up a hobby. That is what Legends 96.6 wants to achieve.

Instead of merely playing Colombo’s greatest hits, the radio station lives them. That is their navigating principle.

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