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Breaking barriers

Dreams have always been an enigma to humankind. All of us, at some point of life, dream to achieve something. Our dreams are in fact the repressed urges and impulses. Can we make them a reality?

Hailing from Ratnapura, a city also known as the `City of Gems’, a group of young boys are making a lot of noise and a tremendous effort to break the barriers to realize their dreams. Thus they got together and formed `Elorath’ a rock band. Daily News Melodies bring them into limelight as they prepare to perform at their first ever gig end of this month.

“It was the year 2012. When I was in high school I got the idea to start a rock music group. The first person I shared my dream was my brother. As soon as he heard it, he was interested and we started the band right away. We started with a small group of people. First we got Mahesh after that Ayesh and then finally Chathura joined our band. From there onwards our journey began. The only thing I have to say is fraternity and friendship made us,” Tilanka Wickramaarachi, vocalist of the band reminisced.

“We are playing heavy metal alternative and hard rock and I think it is our life style. We love rock and metal music. We want to touch the hearts and souls of the people who listen to our songs while spreading peace to the human race uniting them to be one family,” Tilanka added.

The band will perform for the first time at Rock Saturday presented by Suriya Brothers on July 27 at CR & FC Sports Club.

“This is our first gig and we are so excited. We are trying to break the barriers and make some cool music for our fans. We are also preparing ourselves to play the next in Negombo this October. After our performance at this huge event Rock Saturday we hope to release our first album. We already have done four songs to which you can listen if you attend Rock Saturday,” Tilanka shared their hopes and dreams.

He stated that Elorath’s first song which was released two years ago will be included in their album they hope to out this December.

“I would like to thank Pubudu from Suriya Brothers for giving us this opportunity and the fans out there we are here, stay strong and stay heavy,” Tilanka added. Chathura the bassist next joined to share his experience with Elorath.

“I accidentally joined with them very recently. As far as I can remember, Tila with others were in the community called SL Rock Hub and at that time they had been looking for a bassist. So, I chatted with them and now am rocking with them. I like this kind of genre of music because that releases negative thoughts and it feels more positive. As a bass player I would prefer to give more weight for melodic side. It would be the ideal thing and that is what I am planning to do in the future. It is only a couple of weeks more for Rock Saturday and our expectation is to perform well and I hope to give my best,” Chathura explained.

Sajith Wickramaarachi is the drummer of Elorath. “Elorath actually started as a childhood dream. We never thought that this dream will take us this far. My brother Tilanka and I are so proud about what we have achieved so far. It is always not about making a band or being famous. It is just unleashing the talent and the energy we have in us. When we met Mahesh (Lead guitarist) he drove us crazy with his enormous talent and music patterns. He totally got us to be legendary,” Sajith mused.

“Actually I have not been a lot of gigs but I once witnessed mighty Stigmata and Mass Damnation. Their performances made me think different about us and decided to make some changes within our band. It was sort of genre changing and band outfit and the outlook had been changed some ways. Any way now we are a family called Elorath and we hope to change the cult of Sri Lankan music and give a new life into the music industry,” Sajith added.

Ayesh Malshan the Guitarist and Mahesh Uduwarage the Lead Guitarist both voiced their excitement about the upcoming gig. “We know we can do a big thing at Rock Saturday. We will get a lot of exposure and we hope to entertain our fans with our original songs. We hope to release more songs in the future. We are one family and we hope to go on our musical journey together. We ask our fans to stay with us and keep watching to catch our latest songs. We also thank all those who supported along the way for us to become what we are today,” they said.

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