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BBS, not a political project of anybody - Ven.Galagoda Atte Thera

The Bodu Bala Sena rejected allegations of being a political project of certain politicians.

Bodu Bala Sena (BBS) General Secretary Ven.Galagoda Aththe Gnanasara thera said the “Deyama Eka Rodakata” Movement of the Maha Sangha has only a national agenda.

The thera said the movement was initially accused of being a political project of certain politicians but these allegations are completely false.

“When we started our movement, they termed us as Mahinda’s project.Then they called us Gota’s project.They also called us Champika’s project.What kind of a nonsense is this? Mark my word, we are not someone’s project. If we are a project, we are a national project. We only have one agenda, and that is a one of national interst.” Gnanasara thero said.

The inauguration of “Deyama Eka Rodakata” Maha Sangha movement organized by Bodu Bala Sena organization was held at Bogambara ground, Kandy yesterday. A statement named “Bogambara Prakashaya” was also was made at the ceremony. The movement supporters took an oath to protect the country from extremist agendas under the guidance of a united Maha Sangha.

Ven. Gnanasara thera made the ceremony an opportunity to extend his gratitude to President Maithripala Sirisena for ending his prison term. The thera also extended his gratitude to Thilanga Sumathipala who has taken a lead role in freeing him from the prison. Ven. Gnanasara thera observed that his prior warnings of Wahabism earned him his freedom.

In a rallying call Gnanasara thera urged all Buddhist monks to get together, discarding their differences such as which chapter they belonged to, which cast they were born into or which region of the country they come from. The thera commended Maha Nayaka and Anu Nayaka theras of all Chapters for giving their blessings to initiate the Maha Sangha movement so that the Thera could publicly forward the request for unity among Maha Sangha.

“How can the nation get together when Maha Sangha is divided? We have got Mahinda’s Hamuduruwo. Then we have Ranil’s Hamuduruwo. Then we have Anura Dissanayaka’s Hamuduruwo. We also have Weerawansa’s Hamuduruwo.We now have young Bhikkus who attend universities and go around preaching Marxism instead of Buddhism. How can we go on like this? There are some politicos who want to worsen these fractures as well.We shall not allow that. I urge Maha Nayaka theros to look into these matters or else we won’t have Maha Sangha in this country in the future.” Ven.Gnanasara thera pointed out.

Ven. Gnanasara thera was also critical of his the Dalai Lama on his response to Asgiri Maha Nayaka thera’s recent letter on boycotting Muslim owned shops. Ven. Gnanasara thera said that they shall not allow any foreign religious leader to influence the conduct of Maha Nayaka theras.

“We will take care of our own affairs. We don’t need foreigners to do that. We are well aware of the henchmen who instigate this kind of communications.” Gnanasara Thera said.

Ven. Gnanasara thera was also critical of the present political structure that has completely failed the public. The thera said “Deyama Eka Rodakata” will provide a comprehensive national agenda for the country. He requested people to understand the difference between a true national movement and a politically backed national movement. 

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