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Dimensions promotes Energy Healing

Having celebrated the opening of its first showroom in Battaramulla, Dimensions, founded by Harshanie Hewamadduma Ritigahapola, boasts a most fascinating tale that begins in ancient times and stretches far across the ages to reach its zenith in modern times.

Dimensions began with Ritigahapola’s interest in Energy Healing. Looking deeper into the art, she realized how little people actually knew about the concept of Energy and its benefits. It became her mission to bring Energy Healing to a larger audience. Having purchased the Biopulsar Reflexograph System, Ritigahapola began doing readings for her family and friends, and eventually acquired a small working space where the Biopulsar Reflexograph System could be used to do Energy Readings for clients. As a result, she also began doing Reiki Therapy and using Crystals to heal the ailments and problems the machine brought to light.

According to Ritigahapola, many people in Sri Lanka have merely heard of the term Energy Healing, but lack an actual understanding of the art and its benefits. They know about Universal Energy in general but not about Energy Healing and Reading. Reiki Therapy entails the use of Universal Energy to heal via amplifying the person’s own energy. Thus they are healed by their own energy.


What sets Dimensions apart from other businesses that specialize in energy healing are its aura-reading machines, which provide a thorough and precise reading unlike many other machines found in Sri Lanka that measure a limited number of the body’s organs. For instance, the Biopulsar Reflexograph System provides a reading of a total of forty-three organ zones. At Dimensions the staff educate people about Energy, it’s not just about Aura-Reading and selling bracelets and crystals. They aim to teach people about Energy and its benefits, as it is by improving their Energy levels that they can improve themselves. Clients are encouraged to be positive, as a positive attitude can make all the difference in the world. Dimensions also promotes the Law of Attraction, which is linked to Energy Healing and personal growth. Much care is taken of the crystals from the very beginning. The crystals are purchased from very reliable sources and their quality is confirmed via a qualified gemologist.

Thus at Dimensions clients are met with an ancient art that has travelled through time and distance to find its place in the little shop in Battaramulla.

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