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See-through sea cucumber

The Pink See Through Fantasia forms a type of sea cucumber. It also constitutes a remarkable creature that scientists only discovered in 2007. Consequently, we know little about it. Yet it also seems rather amazing that this free-swimming sea cucumber never showed itself to humans prior to that. Uniquely, its mouth, anus, and intestines all also remain visible from outside.

Just like other bioluminescent creatures, this species emits light. In fact, when in danger, it uses that light to alarm potential predators. Due to such limited data, the IUCN has no current listing for this creature.

Yet, virtually no concrete facts exist regarding the potential size of the remarkable Pink Sea Through Fantasia. So, for now, researchers assume that it attains lengths the same as that of related species, namely 4.3 – 9.8 in (11-25 cm). While its outer skin displays the astonishing translucence, it nevertheless has a rather bright pinkish hue, thus the common name.

A team of scientists and underwater photographers first discovered the rather amazing animal at a depth of roughly 8,200 ft (2,500 m). Those experts came from: the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, National Geographic Society, and the WHOI Ocean Life Institute and were working together on a research expedition.

The rather aptly named sea cucumber first showed itself in the Celebes Sea. This remains a rather remote area of the western Pacific Ocean. This region is bordered by the Sulu Archipelago, Mindanao Island of the Philippines, the Sangihe Islands, Sulawesi, and also Indonesia, in Asia.

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