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Right of reply:

Josephian rugby star Santhush Algama explains

Reference is made to the Royal-Josephian rugby match played on 29th July 2019 where it is alleged that the referee was assaulted after the match.

My name is Santhush Algama and I wear the number 10 jersey of the Josephian rugby team.

On the 2nd of July, your sports columnist Mr Allam Ousman has written that the match officials have reported that I held him by the collar whilst another player punched him.

Whilst the match official is entitled to file his report, I would like to clarify my position vis-à-vis the photographs in circulation in case it may represent my intentions and actions.

First, I am behind the referee and couldn’t be holding him by the collar. The photograph clearly shows me holding the back of the referee’s shirt. But doing this, my intention was to pull the referee away from the other player.

I have done my entire schooling at St Joseph’s and have been brought up in the rich traditions of the discipline and respect for authority as instilled by institutions such as St. Joseph’s. I have been taught not to question authority unless done so respectfully and with humility.

I might mention that in my rugby career of 12 years, I have played the game according to the rules both to the letter and in spirit. I have not so much as been issued with a yellow card for any foul actions on the field ever. Attacking is a referee is abhorrent to me and will not even cross my mind. As a young person with, hopefully a bright future ahead of me, I would not like future to be marred by a report which is still to be proved.

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