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Wants more transparency for SOFA, Millennium Challenge:

Ceylon Chamber ‘concerned’ over US military, economic pacts

The country’s largest business community representative grouping, the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce (CCC), has raised concerns with regard to the “…increasing levels of speculation among its Membership and the society on the consequences surrounding the proposed Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA), and the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) Agreement,” two major pacts linking Sri Lanka with the United States.

The CCC, which recently elected a new organisational leadership, in a statement, calls on the Government to provide “an enhanced level of transparency with respect to these agreements and their potential consequences and also to clarify the exact position with regards to the current status of the negotiations and/or execution of these agreements”.

Excerpts from the Chamber statement: “It would also add value to provide comfort to key stakeholders and the public at large, that due process including the securing of policy and legislative approvals, has and will be followed with respect to the processing and execution of these agreements. While it is inevitable that differences in opinion will prevail, compliance with due process combined with a transparent process encompassing stakeholder consultation will ensure that the national interest is protected.

“A commitment to transparency by all parties will ensure a fair and balanced discussion among relevant stakeholders on the merits of Sri Lanka moving forward with these agreements.”


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