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Enchanting lands between reality and fairytales

Photographer Kindra Nikole is used to exploring fantastical subject matter in her work. From dreamy women who inhabit the forest to a gender-bending retelling of King Arthur’s round table, Nikole combines these enchanting subjects with breathtaking landscapes and costumes made especially for the shoots.

Her latest series delves deeper into fairytale photographs but offers an intriguing twist. Called ‘The Liminal’, the images are of a place that’s in between our world and the next - a place where the possibilities are limitless.

Nikole crafts scenes that highlight how the divine and detrimental both exist in this unique land, as told through her characters. The way in which each figure responds to the liminal is different. “Some have manifested as natural parts of their surroundings,” Nikole explains, “while others stumbled upon regions suffused with magick, finding themselves slowly devoured by the land - becoming one with it.” The former is evident in a piece titled Return of the She-King, where the central figure seems at one with a landscape that’s simultaneously in the clouds as well as grounded with an abundance of blooms. Nikole’s subject seems at peace and is practically glowing. The same cannot be said, however, for the main character of Beneath the Shadow of the Great Tree. Perhaps this is an instance of one wandered too far into an unfamiliar place.

As viewers - and visitors - to the liminal, Nikole encourages us to look inside ourselves through her subjects.

“These entities seem aloof and impassive to our presence yet they perceive all,” she says, “welcoming us warmly, beckoning us nearer with sly expressions, or warning us of our trespasses.”

‘The Liminal’ series was on view at the Haven Gallery in Northport, New York until July 21.

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