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Love of togetherness

The reunion of ‘The daughters of Viharamaha Devi’ was held in a grand scale on June 29 at the Laya Beach Hotel, Wadduwa, and was a real success,

Sri Lanka Army Women’s Corps was established about four decades back.

The primary aim of raising Women's Corps was to provide telephone operators, computer operators, nurses and clerks, to release the male counterparts to the battlefield. However, women soldiers were also employed on-field duties later.

At present, troops of SLAWC immensely contribute their services in the clerical, field and a variety of ceremonial duties. Personnel of SLAWC continue to participate in sports and various other activities to bring pride to the Army as well as to the country. Members of Women’s Corps are not only brave soldiers, but also good wives, committed mothers and proud daughters who have set fine examples to the society at large, and they have rendered a valuable service to the motherland during the last three decades.

This gathering was an informal meeting among fellow cadres who have been in service for a long time and in various levels and places.

Sharing memories from now and then had activities, as well as got to know each other over a good meal. Many ladies of this gathering have been working for the same cause at various corners of Sri Lankan soil, but have never been able to meet or socialize with each other. Age wise the youngest participant was not born when the eldest participant joined the SLAWC in early days.

This initiative of Reunion came to change the anonymity and silence that have been for so many ladies, for so long time. It’s time to have fun, enjoy good memories, as well as experiences. The gathering is free from all formalities.

This idea of Reunion was a brainchild of Lt. Col. Kamal Hathamuna who was away from motherland a while but kept contact with many of the members.

The discussion came up about Reunion, and many thought this was a good idea.

By a short time an organizing committee popped up, and the idea became a reality.

The event was a real success, had many memorable speeches, a lot of laughter, dancing, and the best mood of all time. The ladies knew how to celebrate and have a really lovely time.

A photo multimedia presentation was on the wall throughout the event showing pictures taken from very early as well as from reason days of various places and events during these ladies military carrier.

Many of the participants were wearing dresses which represented the colours of Sri Lanka Army Women’s Corps. A souvenir was given, and a group photograph was taken to mark the occasion.

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