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Decisive talent

All Saints’ College, Galle
Head Boy of All Saints College, Galle, Tharaka Kumarasinghe
Head Boy of All Saints College, Galle, Tharaka Kumarasinghe

Those who work with him know his decisive manner. When his leadership is required, he acts. Perfect Prefects features Head Boy of All Saints College, Galle, Tharaka Kumarasinghe who is undoubtedly a decisive leader.

The ability to make decisions effectively is a talent he has developed. He attributes his success to this quality of his that has brought him to where he is now – the Head Boy of All Saints’ College Galle.

“There is a quality of mine which is decisiveness because I do what I have to do and I need to do it at my level best. I think that is the key to my success. I always try to handle a pressure situation by thinking about what I should do and what I should not do. A wrong decision may have drastic consequences. If I cannot find an answer to the problem, I discuss it with someone who is much more knowledgeable than me. That way I effectively handle pressure and problems,” said Kumarasinghe.

Kumarasinghe suggested that the best way to create change in society is by being a fitting example. Other people must see in you the change you want to create. This creates the all-powerful ripple effect – the fastest and most effective way to create change. You can start small and anyone can do this. You need to have that desire. You need to care.

“I think, before trying to immediately change society, you have to be a better person and help those who are unable to help themselves. Donate a little more to your favourite charity. Always help your loved ones attain fulfilment in their lives. When you become a better person, someone will look up to you and see the difference. He/she will then try to emulate you, be like you. Then someone will look at him/her and see the difference and try to be like him/her. By this not only can we change society, but we can also change the world,” explained Kumarasinghe.

In his opinion, the law must be enforced. This is for the well- being of a people and a nation. The law needs to be impartial and people need to have faith in the law. They need to know that the law will protect them. And if they have been hurt they need to know that justice will be done. Tough laws that will be speedy.

“I think the rules and regulations should be much stronger. If someone is doing something harmful it has to be stopped as soon as possible and legal action must be taken against the guilty regardless of who they are - a politician or a person with a lot of money. The punishment must be remembered by the offender until his last breath,” stated Kumarasinghe.

Kumarasinghe stresses that you need to do the right thing in life. Not because of the various benefits you may get, but because you should care about other people.

His message is a powerful one. His advice to the youth is that you must first love your school. You should respect your school the way you respect your mother and father. Always do the right thing. Being a leader is no easy task. You will face a lot of difficulties, but by facing these difficulties you will become much stronger. He emphasizes that you should never think you are helpless. Always remember that you do matter. That is why it is so important for you to be an exemplary character. You have the potential to be a force for good.

Kumarasinghe has his goals. The first hurdle is facing the advanced level examination. Then he wants to enter a university and become an engineer. However to pass on his knowledge is a dream of his, which is why he is interested in becoming a mathematics teacher. When it comes to outside interests he likes travelling very much as it gives him a sense of freedom. An avid reader he also takes an interest in movies. All these pursuits give him a sense of relaxation and what really sparks his interest in these books and movies is the fact that the characters rarely give up.

When it comes to historical leaders, he looks up to those who are courageous. Men of great deeds. Those who will be remembered for their sacrifice and who have made their mark on history.

“I admire Sarath Fonseka. I like him because he is a very straight forward person. He has courage and is not intimidated by anyone. And I respect him because of his selfless and brilliant leadership. He led our armies to a victory in a war that people thought could not be won,” pointed out Kumarasinghe.

Close to home, Kumarasinghe admires his father. His father is always there to advise him and guides him along the correct path. His father’s insights have always helped him in life.

“My father is my biggest inspiration in life. If my life is a success it is because of him. He has shown me what is important in life and what is of true value. He is like a friend to me pointing out my mistakes. I need to mention my school as well. It has formed my character providing me with so many opportunities. The staff and the Principal have always stood by me. Finally, I wish to say that you need to consider the ideas and opinions of others. There are so many sides to a problem or any issue in life. You need to keep an open mind. Sometimes a brainstorming session can yield positive results,” stated Kumarasinghe. 

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