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Hang them till they are dead! dead!! dead!!!

Our courageous President Maithripala Sirisena, in keeping with our noble traditions of our ancient Sinhala Kings has, it is reported, signed the order to hang four drug peddlers which has caused a protest from locals and also international organisations – UN Human Rights and from several countries. Those who object seem not to realise, there are differences in human behaviour and patterns, such as climate, inherent tendencies peculiar to races and countries, genealogy, customs, beliefs etc., and should be dealt with separately.

There cannot be one rule or method. As much as in the animal kingdom, there are different types of animals in jungles – lions, tigers, jackals, monkeys etc., their behavioural patterns are different; so are in the human kingdom - Congolese, Africans, Chinese, Mongolians, of different shapes, colour of skin, different culture, beliefs, rituals etc.

As for we Sinhalese, with such glorious history coming down from Sinhabahu whose father is said be a lion and his human wife Suppa, surely do not we have animal instinct in killing. These politicians, Buddhist monks and those who oppose execution of criminals, were and are silent when Richard de Zoysa, Ekneligoda, Wambotta and the ongoing case the torturous killing of Thajudeen. There also appears to be a ruse to kill a criminal by the police.

The victim is taken to show places where guns or some weapons are hidden, and shoot saying that the victim tried to fire at Police. So, the manner the execution is done varies. Speaking of our ancient kings their ways of executing criminals vary. Some are Ula Thiyanawa- piercing a spike through the body (What part of the body is not known). Then a criminal’s hands and legs are tied to two areca trees and the criminal is spliced. We have also read in history how the king ordered Ehelepola Kumarihamy, the mother, to pound her own baby son. With that background, the order of our President is justifiable and be applauded for keeping the traditions of our illustrious kings.

Be mindful of the wise Sinhala saying Visa Gora Sarpaya, Deka nera Modays - (fools spare venomous snakes)

Let President Maithripala Sirisena order “KILL THEM, NOT SPARE THEM”, and let not the officials shift the comma to read KILL THEM NOT, SPARE THEM.

G. A. D. Sirimal


Step-motherly treatment to private universities

In Sri Lanka we have government schools and private schools. We have government universities and private universities. We have government training institutes and private training institutes.

It is the policy of the government to allow the private sector to get involved in educational activities. There is a regulator to monitor and regulate these activities.

Funds for government schools and government universities are provided by the taxpayers.

Funds for private education is provided by the parents of the children. Parents sometimes sell their houses and take every possible loan to spend for the private education.

Higher education consists of two parts. Theory classes and industrial training.

Industrial training is provided by government and private sector industrial and commercial organisations.

These industrial training can be in Engineering, Information Technoloy, Management or Hotel Trade.

We have a problem now. Some of the government organisations are refusing to provide industrial training to private university students. Sometimes this is arranged by their trade unions.

We hope the relevant government authorities will look into this problem and take corrective action.

W. Dharmadasa


Daylight robbery in the heart of Colombo

Chicago in the shade, Colombo leads, in highway robbery. I am not referring to our Parliamentarians, who are specialized robbers, blatant liars as well. Our Parliamentarians by using the Sinhalese rhetoric unrestricted verbosity, has confused this nation, and buried the truth so deep that even dozens of commissions, mild indictments, leaving room for affidavits, enabling postponing and dodging trials.

On June 19, around 12 noon, a friend of mine attended a wedding at a Hindu Temple in Wellawatte. He took a tuk tuk, to visit a friend on Daya Road, Wellawatte, close to the temple. As he alighted from his taxi, the taxi took off. His friend’s house was in front, but before he took two steps, another three-wheeler drove near him, two men got off and showed a supposed to be police ID, and shoved him into this three wheeler.

When he questioned these men, they pulled out knives and threatened him, demanding cash. In fear he gave the money in his possession. Then they plucked the gold chain worth Rs. 350,000 put him down, and fled. The police revealed on scrutiny of the cameras, shows a three-wheeler, but, police said that the licence number was a false one.

An investigation is on, so this happened in the heart of Colombo, is there a connivance?

So citizens, this is possible, or a probable alliance of the taxis showing up at weddings and ceremonies.

This leaves us in a quandary.

Readers, can you guess who mastered this art of robbery, from whom, between the thugs and the politicians?

Walter Fernando

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