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Time for finance management

Sudeep Perera, Marketing Head of LB Finance
Sudeep Perera, Marketing Head of LB Finance

Even though the entire economy is currently affected, we must speedily return to normal. Small and medium enterprises, self-employed persons and the entire business community are affected by the situation in the country. We asked a young professional how best to manage this situation. Sudeep Perera, Marketing Head of LB Finance had some words of wisdom to share with our readers.

Q: How has the current situation affected the entire industry?

A: When the security of a country is affected, it has a direct or indirect impact on every person in the country. Since it adversely affects the entire economy, even finance companies can be affected because its customers face unexpected issues.

Q: How is that possible? If people did not pay the interest, would finance companies continue to exist?

A: A strong finance institution has the ability to withstand such pressures. We believe this is a temporary setback. There have been many such incidents in world history. What’s important is how fast we can come out of this situation.

Even though these recent attacks affected a significant number of commercial industries, a strong financial institution that provides finances to many different commercials industries can withstand the impact. We believe that with correct financial management, we can limit the impact.

Q: Are customers interested in leasing at this time?

A: A customer would need leasing to buy a vehicle. If you want to buy a vehicle, there is no doubt you need it. Even though some incidents temporarily shake up the country, people do not lose hope and they do not give up on their dreams. Only thing they might do is postpone action. Thus, there will be no long-term impact.

Q: What is the responsibility of a finance company in a situation like this?

A: We should look into being flexible with those who are most affected by the situation and we should give them the most suitable financial services and consulting that they need at the time.

It is not ethical to pressure people into taking loans or leasing options when they are facing bad economic conditions. Also, there is no need for a financial institution to do such a thing. Our aim is to have a long-term relationship with the customer. Thus, no stable financial institution will pressure its customers. It is our responsibility to provide the right advice and the needed financial service to help our customers better manage their finances.

Q: So what must we do in financial management to come out of this situation?

A: As professionals, we must focus our attention on this. We should act on it, motivate people, provide advisory services and engage with the economy as young professionals. We can help them with their financial management with our guidance. Our credibility as professionals allow them to take our word.

Q: What is your advice about this?

A: First of all, let go of any fear you have about the past unfortunate incident. We must rise again. We must think carefully. Our biggest contribution is helping the security of the country and working with great responsibility as citizens. And if you are given the opportunity to contribute to the economy, take it! What is important now is to do what is of paramount importance and to be cautious in what we do.

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