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Mission for unity and communication

She not only boasts of beauty but also shone on the international platform for het intelligence and skills. A product of the Government Science College, Matale, and a doctor by profession, Dr Nuwandika Lakmali Wickramarathne – Siriwardena, was crowned as ‘Queen of the Night’ at the Miss British Empire 2018 international beauty pageant which was held in Perth, Australia, recently. She beat around 97 competitors from across the world to clinch the title.

Q: Why did you decide to take part in Miss British Empire 2018?

Being a beauty queen, allows a woman to engage in social service activities. She can address a big crowd, regarding current social issues. This is my first engagement to a pageant and I worked to build up my modeling career.

This is an international pageant which promotes unity and communication between diverse groups of people across the world and encourages goodwill and understanding of the world’s cultures. This event celebrates the subsequent independence and achievement of all former British Empire territories. So I wanted to represent the talented and educated population of Sri Lanka and bring pride to my motherland.

Q: What was the most challenging moment in the whole competition for you?

This is my first modeling experience on an international platform. So presenting myself on stage was extremely challenging.

Q: Which other contestant or contestants did you admire? Why?

I admired each and every contestant who took part in the event because they all worked together like a family, helping and encouraging each other.

Q: What did you learn after taking part in Miss British Empire 2018?

Most of the things that I learnt at the pageant were new to me. I got to know about different cultures, traditions, and the manner in which we should work to achieve a target.

Q: Have you been engaged in social service activities before?

I believe that we shouldn’t put up banners about the activities we do for the less privileged people. However, since you have inquired about my social service activities I have to relate that I have helped children who are living in orphanages a lot. I have helped Dhamma schools and pre schools arrange free health clinics. I have provided elderly care support systems and have aided cancer patients and their families.

Q: Was this the first beauty related or fashion related activity you have taken part in?

I need to maintain the quality of my career. So I am choosey when I am requested to take part in events. I will only choose to take part in anything if I feel secure and that it is suitable for me. Therefore this is the first pageant I decided to take part in. This pageant was found in 2011 by the former Miss Great Britain and Hollywood actress Liz Fuller. It is a prestigious pageant. Therefore I felt that it was safe for me to work with them.

Q: Tell me a bit about your role as the Healthy Life Style Ambassador in the Western province.

I received the title of Healthy Lifestyle Ambassador after winning Miss British Empire 2018. Firstly I have to be a role model for the people searching for means to lead a healthy lifestyle. Health is one of the most valuable things in life. So we have to be concerned about this factor. But these days people hardly pay much attention to it. Even though we lead a hectic lifestyle, we have to maintain our health by eating healthy food at proper times, exercising, getting adequate sleep, maintaining our average weight and avoiding risky and unhealthy bad habits like smoking, drinking alcohol, and being addicted to fast food. Dr. Anil Samaranayake, the prior Provincial Director of Health Service, Western Province, specially conducted a health programme called niakdysfrka mia mjq oqr,uq. We joined him to make it a success. I would love to promote the programmes conducted by the Health Ministry wherever they are being conducted.

Q: Modeling and working as a doctor are two different fields. Which do you enjoy most?

I enjoy both modeling and working as a doctor. Since I conduct clinics, OPD and am involved in hospital administration, it is a very responsible task.

Q: I heard that you will be getting into acting as well. Tell me a bit about the projects that have been offered to you.

I received national and international level offers to star in roles from the film industry. So in the near future I will be portraying a role in a quality production.

Q: How do you hope to perform your duties as Miss British Empire 2018?

My role is to promote unity and communication between diverse groups of people from different cultures from across the world. I am working towards achieving that target now. I am also conducting the Miss British Empire 2019 local pageant these days and I will conduct the world final of Miss British Empire 2019 in Sri Lanka in October 22 at the Mount Lavinia Hotel as a world final director.

Q: What is your message to upcoming young models and fashionistas who are vying to a path similar to that you have taken?

Learn, practice and work hard in whatever you take up. Be thorough about what you are doing. Help each other and earn the experiences to be a perfect role model.

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