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Protest against TNA in Jaffna

At the protest in Jaffna.
At the protest in Jaffna.

The Cadres For Democracy Party staged a protest in Jaffna on Sunday against TNA leader and its members.

“The TNA maintains a double standard as they promise one thing to Tamil people in Jaffna and convey different thing to the government,” Cadres For Democracy Party members said.

They also said that the TNA members enjoy perks and privileges from the government and they are limited to themselves and not the Tamil people in the country.

They said due to this reason, they would find a path of their own to solve their issues.

They expressed these views when Northern Province Chief Minister Vigneswaran went to see their protest. They also criticised Chief Minister Vigneswaran for his failure to give them a chance to meet them. They criticised TNA leadership and members for refusing their demands during the last election to include names of two of the Cadres For Democracy Party into the TNA nomination papers in the Northern and Eastern provinces as the Sinhala political parties in the South would detest TNA for recruiting a group that bore weapons for the LTTE tigers.

However, the members of the Cadres for Democracy said during the protest that the TNA too earlier represented the persons who represented the LTTE leader and their members. 

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