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Delicious Biriyani at Cinnamon Red

Be it a special occasion or a casual meal with friends or family, a serving of biriyani never fails to satisfy one’s hunger. While it has its roots in India and Persia, biriyani is a favourite among rice-loving Sri Lankans as well.

The next time you feel that biriyani craving coming on look no further than the Flavoured restaurant at Cinnamon Red. The chef, specialised in Indian cuisine, brings the legendary Hyderabadi biriyani to life with a rich combination of spices that include saffron, cardamoms, cinnamon, ginger and garlic.

Choose from the mutton, chicken or vegetarian options. Meat lovers can enjoy generous doses of cashew nuts, chunky bites of meat and an egg on the side, while the vegetarian version is also infused with plenty of flavour and rich spices. Each serving is also complimented with papadam and a salad. The substantial portion is sure to fill you up, yet not leave you feeling too heavy afterwards.

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