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19th Amendment strengthened democracy - State Minister

The 19th Amendment to the Constitution has strengthened democracy in the country since it was enacted with the intention of ridding the country of the dictatorial features of the 18th Amendment, Internal and Home Affairs, Provincial Councils and Local Government State Minister J.C. Alawathuwala said yesterday.

Addressing news media at Temple Trees yesterday, Alawathuwala said that the 19th Amendment “contributed immensely to strengthening the country’s democracy and the democratic rights of people”. He said the country’s democratic system had been badly affected by the 18th Amendment which had “dictatorial features”. The United National Party (UNP) and, President Maithripala Sirisena, with the assistance of several Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) Parliamentarians had implemented the 19th Amendment as a remedy to this. He emphasized that, whatever the President may say now, the 19th Amendment could still be described as “a fruitful measure for the well-being of democracy” in the country.

The State Minister also said that the Government has allocated Rs 300 million to each electorate for infrastructure developments. All infrastructure development projects being carried out with this financial allocation are scheduled to completed by August. Besides, the government allocated an additional Rs.10 million to the electorates in which all the infrastructure development projects are completed before the scheduled date. He pointed out that the “Enterprise Sri Lanka” project implemented by the government was now in full swing.

“With the mediation of the government, 600,000 new families are now entitled to receive Samurdhi under the first phase. Under the second phase, another 200,000 families will receive Samurdhi. Those families which have not been selected for receiving Samurdhi can appeal for the second phase, he explained. State Minister J.C. Alawathuwala.

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